Why is Bespoke Cake in London Popular Now a Days?

Bespoke Cake London

Are you looking to buy bespoke cakes in London? Are you running an event and want the guests to be wowed by the sweet treats? Then look no further than the special bespoke cake from the popular restaurant in London, which also offers the best cake delivery services in the capital.

With over years of experience, their team of cake designers can create any type of dessert, from simple wedding cakes to anniversary celebration desserts and even decadent treats for corporate events or children’s parties. Whether you want an individual masterpiece or bulk orders, Bespoke Cake London has you covered!

The History of Birthday Cakes

It is not known exactly when birthday cakes were first created, but it is possible that they were first invented by ancient Egyptians, who celebrated birthdays with a feast to honour the gods. The tradition of eating cake on one’s birthday may have come into practice during medieval times when people would celebrate their coming of age and eat a cake to symbolise their transition into adulthood.

The cake is available for all occasions, like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, or even as an order for your wedding reception! Birthday cakes should be personalised so you can show off your personality and tastes with all your friends! Due to the many available options, orders are guaranteed fresh, made-to-order and delivered on time.

How They Can Help You

Arapina bakery is one of the best places that will best bet on a delicious bespoke cake. They have expert bakers and decorators on hand to create a cake that’s just as unique as you are! Choose from one of their many flavours, and we’ll work with you to design a perfect cake for any occasion. Their cakes are made with only the best ingredients and baked fresh on-site, so your cake will be delicious and arrives at its destination looking gorgeous!

Traditional Birthday Cakes

Your birthday is a time to celebrate and enjoy with friends and family. To help you have an even better celebration, we’ve put together a list of traditional birthday cakes. You can’t go wrong with any of these delicious options that are perfect for your next celebration.

1) Chocolate Mud Cake – Rich chocolate cake topped with thick chocolate ganache and dark chocolate curls.

2) Champagne Jelly – Classic sponge cake soaked in champagne jelly laced with raspberry puree; decorated with white chocolate curls.

3) Lemon Drizzle Sponge – Lightly-spiced lemon drizzle cake layered between light lemon cream and topped off with crushed almonds.

Luxury Birthday Cake Gifts

Luxury birthday cake gifts become great gifts if you add them to the best cake delivery services in town. They specialise in luxurious birthday cakes with a wide variety of flavours and designs, making it easy to find one that suits you. For those looking for something extra special, they also offer bespoke cake gifts that can be tailored to your needs and delivered straight to your door.

Contemporary Birthday Cakes

Contemporary birthday cakes are the finest addition when you want to give a special treat to your near and dear ones. Every beautifully decorated cake for any occasion. From classic birthday cakes to bespoke wedding cakes, they have something for everyone. Give them a call today, and They will get you set up with the perfect cake for your event!

Sum up

Bespoke Cake London is a premium cake delivery service that has been delivering gourmet cakes for weddings, birthdays and other events for over 30 years. We are committed to providing you with only the best quality ingredients and bespoke cake designs.

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