What Are The Key Features and Benefits Of Falcon Cookers 

A range cooker is a must-have appliance in any functional kitchen. It is the heart of the kitchen, featuring a hob/burner and oven to ensure you can prepare diverse recipes featuring multiple cooking techniques, from grilling to baking, braising, and boiling.  

However, the cooking ranges available in the Australian appliance market vary based on performance, durability, quality, and aesthetics. Nonetheless, Falcon range cookers stand head and shoulders above the competition with their intuitive state-of-the-art features. 

The UK-based brand has almost two centuries of experience making gas ranges that function more like cooking assistants than mere appliances. So, keep reading to discover why Falcon cookers are a worthwhile investment. 

1. Falcon Cooking Ranges Are Available in Three Fuel Types 

Cooking ranges typically feature gas, electric, and dual fuel as energy options that facilitate heat production for cooking. The Falcon brand’s cooking range catalog includes products from all three fuel type categories. Each fuel type has pros and cons. 

Gas Cooking Ranges 

Gas cooking ranges use gas to power the hob and the burner. The primary advantage of gas-powered hobs is an instant hot flame eliminating the time spent waiting for the burner to heat up, as with induction burners. The quick response time facilitates better flame and temperature control for efficient cooking. 

Additionally, gas-powered ovens utilize conventional heating for even cooking. Also, while the country remains at an impasse on whether gas is more or less expensive than electricity, one publication highlights that gas-powered cooking appliances are 60% cheaper to run. 

Electric Cooking Ranges 

Electric cooking ranges use electric current to run the hob and the oven or ovens. Typical electric cooking ranges feature induction or ceramic hobs; electric hobs have easy-clean even surfaces. Depending on your location, electric cooking changes may be cheaper to operate. 

Dual-Fuel Cooking Ranges 

Dual-fuel cooking ranges are a hybrid solution, utilizing gas and electric fuel simultaneously. Most dual-fuel cooking ranges feature gas hobs paired with an electric oven(s). 

2. Stringent Quality Control 

With nearly two hundred years of experience manufacturing cooking ranges, the Falcon brand has amassed a wealth of knowledge that maintains its brand authority. However, its focus on high-quality and durable products remains its legacy. 

Falcon employs stringent quality control measures exceeding industry best practices for cooking range manufacturing throughout its production process. Falcon cookers are 100% hand-assembled; human assembly advantages include additional care for delicate parts and enhanced defect detection.  

Moreover, each Falcon range changes handles among 100 professionals during its three-day assembly process, facilitating primary and follow-up quality checks. Therefore, purchasing a Falcon cooker is investing in durability, premium quality, and effective performance. 

3. Aesthetic Appeal and Variety 

As your kitchen operation’s heart, your gas range should complete your kitchen theme/ aesthetics. Fortunately, the Falcon brand has you covered on the aesthetic element, offering unparalleled design variety to suit classic and contemporary kitchen designs. 

A Falcon gas range typically features the range top with the hops, a grill (or two), and two ovens. While the hobs remain at the top for each Falcon cooking range model, the ovens and grill positions vary from model to model. Therefore, you can choose a cooking range with the most functional design based on your kitchen layout. 

Additionally, Falcon’s coking range catalog includes 16 color options, including bold choices like cranberry, royal blue, and various shades of green. Moreover, the cookers feature chrome, brass, and nickel fittings to punctuate the aesthetic appeal. Therefore, besides being reliable cooking partners, Falcon Cookers can express your personality. 

4. Handy Innovative Features 

Typical cooking ranges feature hobs, an oven, a grill, and controls. However, Falcon cookers have additional signature features that make cooking a breeze. 

For starters, they feature a “handy rack” in the oven rather than the traditional removable rack included in standard ovens. The Falcon handy rack is ingenious because it attaches to the oven door’s interior, pulling the baking pan/roasting tray outside when you open the door. Therefore, it enables you to check on your cooking without potentially burning your hands. 

Falcon cooking ranges also feature a signature glide-out grill for efficient grilling. The glide-out grill pulls out from the free-standing oven like a drawer. Moreover, it features two-way to four-way trivets supporting up to four adjustable grilling heights.  

Some Falcon cookers include an induction for efficient scaling. You can insert the induction panel inside the oven for standard family cooking applications and remove it to expand oven space for catering applications.  

Besides the signature innovative features, Falcon cookers support other helpful accessories for efficient cooking. The accessories vary from model to model and include a bead-browning drawer, a teppanyaki grill, a storage drawer, a warming zone, and a griddle plate. 

5. Five-Year Warranty 

Falcon’s commitment to delivering premium quality products for customer satisfaction includes a warranty as stipulated under Australian Consumer Law. The five-year warranty entails rectifying or replacing cookers with faulty material or workmanship causing poor performance. While the brand is keen on product quality, a warranty gives you recourse if you purchase a dud. 


Falcon cookers are a must-have because their utility features support multiple cooking techniques and make cooking a breeze. However, their most significant benefit is premium quality, durability, and unparalleled functionality.  

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