Things To Know About HHC and Drug Testing

HHC drug testing panel

There are many ways to have fun when it comes to recreational activities, including trying out different hemp-derived products. Just like any other market, this industry also keeps advancing with products like delta 8 and delta 9 that hold enjoyment in the form of gummies, vapes, and other products. Although you might get overwhelmed with the choices, it is essential to note that all have the same euphoric effects and differ based on intensity.

The newest hemp-derived product is HHC or Hexahydro cannabinol. It is similar to products like delta 8 and delta 9 THC as it comes from the same plant. There isn’t enough research on the same, so the information about HHC is also limited. Before using any hemp-derived product, be sure to understand how it works and be aware of any potential drug testing implications. For example, the HHC drug testing panel, what comes under it, and the factors involved can be a great start. If you know you will be tested soon, avoiding any hemp-derived products will be a preferred option. Here are some factors that contribute to HHC build-up in your system. 

Young And Less Frequent Users:

HHC is a cannabinoid with psychoactive effects, such as inducing daydreaming and altering your senses. They are often consumed as edibles or vapes at parties, nature trails, hangouts, and other spiritual events. According to small-scale research, people who frequently use cannabinoids such as HHC have a higher chance of being in the system for longer. As there is less research on timelines, the ideal state is 2-30 days; depending on these factors, it can differ. Young users around 25-30 can efficiently process HHC within a week compared to someone older, like 60-65.

Your Metabolism Rate:

Drug tests can differ based on your body’s metabolism rate regardless of the cannabinoid used. Metabolism helps the compound within the body break down by associating itself with fat cells that help with the process. If your body has a fast metabolism rate, the chances are that it will leave your system faster. However, if your metabolism is slower than average, your body may take around 2-3 weeks to adjust. This is especially true if you are young. 

How Is It Consumed:

As previously mentioned, HHC can be taken in many forms; edibles like gummies, smoking like vapes, water solubles, etc. It is also important to keep in mind how long the cannabinoids will stay in your system in order to maximize their effects. Inhaling is the best way to consume any cannabinoid.

Research suggests that inhaling it leads to quickly getting absorbed by the lungs and entering your bloodstream; this gives you quicker results and leaves your system quicker. Unlike edible products, these must be digested first, and the liver must work to eliminate them. This process can be lengthy.

Final Thoughts:

Just like HHC drug testing panels or factors involved in eliminating HHC, it is vital to gain information about the product you are consuming. You can also look into websites that offer these products and their research on the same. This shows that the company wants to provide knowledge and keep the process transparent for its users, which is a positive sign.

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