6 Types of Gravity Bongs Available in The Market

Gravity Bongs

Nowadays, there are many methods to satisfy your CBD or THC cravings, including joints, blunts, Thai sticks, wax, edibles, oil, and so on. One thing never changes: the bong is still the preferred method of marijuana smoking, despite the prevalence of many of these new and inventive techniques to cannabis consumption. But there are several bong kinds to select from, just as numerous methods to ingest cannabis goods.

Like pipes, vapes, and bongs, gravity bongs are yet another way to ingest cannabis. Known for their incredibly potent effects, gravity bongs pack a serious punch. Massive smoke plumes come from a gravity bong, and you may swiftly ingest them. Beginner smokers must thus be aware of it. You will get high quickly if you smoke something psychoactive, so ensure you’re in a secure location and prepared for potent effects. 

Here are six types of gravity bongs to look into when thinking of purchasing one.

1. GravIX Automated Infuser

For those looking for a high-quality gravity bong that is budget-friendly with a wide range of functions, the GravIX from Kind Pen is ideal. This completely automated bong is suitable for shisha tobacco and dry herbs. Whether you want a hardcore vaping session or a slow and long experience, this bong is apt. It comes with various features, such as, 

  • Inbuilt battery of 2000 mAh that you can charge super-fast. 
  • Sturdy, being made of anodized aluminum and borosilicate glass.
  • It offers water-filtered and cool smoke owing to its automated percolation system.
  • Three types of power settings to suit all kinds of users.

And lastly, you can clean, assemble and dismantle it very easily following the manual. 

2. Cookies Gravity Bong

Collaboration between Cookies and Stündenglass resulted in this Gravity Bong. It comes in bright blue with a stylish, futuristic design that includes the Cookies logo on the front. This bong is compatible with any 14 mm male joint, can revolve 360 degrees and is ideal for solo or group smoking. If you’re keen on becoming contactless, you may rotate the mouthpiece to 45 degrees.

It has a silicone, three-foot extendable hose that is connectable. It is possible to take short and rapid hits and lengthy, drawn-out hits with this revolving gravity bong. This elegant bong uses cutting-edge technology to provide strong, forceful draws. 

3. Stundenglass Gravity Hookah Bong

This is one of the best gravity bongs available in the market. Stündenglass has created the exquisite, futuristic, techno-gravity bong of your fantasies. Stündenglass provides everything you need if you want a genuinely one-of-a-kind smoking accessory that doesn’t appear too flashy when set out on your living room table.

The Stündenglass gravity bong has a straightforward design. Again, in terms of elegance, the Stundenglass gravity bong is one-of-a-kind. For a smoking accessory that can serve as the focal point of your coffee table, it’s hard to find a more upscale gravity bong on the market.

Even though Stündenglass can be a bit of an investment, we believe it is well considering, especially in light of its 10-year warranty and expertly-built design. Additionally, Stündenglass has you covered if you want customization, offering extra globes and even wall-mounting brackets on their website.

4. Jinnipipe

Gypsy Labs invented Jinnipipe by concentrating its skills on visually appealing items with solid scientific foundations. They employ fluid dynamics to produce captivating sculptures that never fail to impress. They always manufacture high-quality, handblown glassware. The Jinnipipe gravity bong is one of the best horizontal water pipes. After placing your bowl of flowers within the joint, tilt it towards you to pour the water inside. Light the flower, and tilt the container, so the water leaves while the negative pressure causes smoke to fill the chamber.

The jinnipipe gravity bong is a unique item in the store that makes smoking sessions germ-free. Your lips never need to contact the glass since the water expels the smoke for you. This makes sharing with relatives and friends simple. This versatile piece of glass offers a double-cooled smoking experience. All the fantastic advantages of a gravity bong remain. 

5. Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong

The Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong is a high-end version of a traditional DIY style. It uses a robust glass bottle without a bottom instead of the plastic container most DIY gravity bongs do to protect you from harmful BPA ingestion. 

Many plastics contain BPA, which, when heated, may leach into liquids and smoke fumes. You may smoke on the move without worrying about hazardous chemicals by utilizing a Gleeb glass gravity bong. This reasonably priced glass bong comes packed in an odor-proof container that serves as the bucket where you’ll put your water. It is well-liked for its lightweight construction, reliable parts, and complete nostalgia.

6. Grav – Gravitron Gravity Bong

Grav’s Gravitron Gravity Bong 13 ‘5 is a budget-friendly and effective anti-gravity bong popular as one of the market’s most economical anti-gravity bongs. This glass-on-glass gravity bong is perfect for both novice and experienced users and comes in sturdy glass, and features a fat chamber, providing power with each hit.

Unlike the gravity hookah or steampunk bong, the Gravitron is distinctive in look and makes a lovely addition to any smoker’s bong collection. They are available with several decals, including red, blue, green, and black.


A gravity bong can be something to consider whether you are an experienced cannabis user or just curious to try something new. They might be more affordable than most bongs on the market. With this list of six gravity bongs available on the market, they don’t have to be daunting or perplexing if you’re new to the cannabis industry.

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