Static Caravan Buying Tips: 5 Things to Consider

static caravan

Are you looking to buy a static caravan? Owning a caravan is the most accessible way of having your holiday home. A static caravan allows you to go on holiday as often as you want without the added stresses of excessive travel, passports, and all the unexpected costs that accompany getting to unfamiliar locations.

A static caravan is yours, and you can go on a holiday anytime. Static caravans are not just a home away from home but one with all the luxuries, facilities, and attractions of a top-notch tailored holiday. It is the cheapest and easiest way to have a perfectly personalized holiday. 

In this article, we have compiled five things to consider when buying a static caravan;

  1. How much does it cost to own a static caravan?

The cost of selling static caravans on small sites varies based on model specification, size, and location.  However, additional expenditures are also associated with purchasing a static caravan that goes beyond the cost of the caravan itself. These expenses include annual site fees, operating costs, and upkeep. 

  1.  How Often Will You Be Able to Use It?
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How often are you going to be able to use your static caravan? To maximize your investment, you should be able to use it as much as possible, with some owners recommending that you use it at least ten times per year to make it a viable vacation option. 

However, you don’t have to use it yourself; you can offer it to friends and family or rent it to finance some of your annual costs. However, the entire notion of this type of vacation home is that you utilize it regularly for family vacations, weekend getaways, or even as your out-of-office office. 

While you cannot permanently live in a static trailer as your primary house, you can visit it as frequently as time allows and enjoy extended holidays, such as summer school holidays. Also, it is critical to select the right site. If you can get to your static caravan in 1 or 2 hours, you are far more likely to use it than if it is at the other end of the country, so keep this in mind while looking for holiday parks.

  1.  Disabled access

Another essential thing to factor in when buying a vacation house is accessibility. Fortunately, more and more vacation houses are becoming accessible to those with disabilities. To rent out your caravan, you must also provide disabled access.  The accessibility of the house will attract more potential clients. 

  1.  Will You Be Able to Share It with Family & Friends?
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One of the advantages of having a static caravan is that you may share it with family, friends, loved ones, or even coworkers while not in use. It enables smaller families and support bubbles to vacation together, couples to escape with their pals, and there are limitless chances for last-minute getaways. Because many of your necessities will already be at the caravan, packing should be a breeze.

A trailer holiday home could be an excellent investment if you have a large family and friend network.

  1.  Can I rent out my static caravan?
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Renting out your static caravan is an excellent method to offset some of the operating expenses associated with having your own vacation home.

Top tips for looking after your static caravan

  1. Carbon monoxide in your static caravan

You should avoid carbon monoxide at all costs; even tiny levels of this gas are incredibly harmful. Carbon monoxide can be emitted by poorly installed appliances or paint, which is especially prone to occur in areas with poor ventilation.

To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, have your appliances inspected every 12 months, especially if you own an older motorhome. This is a legal necessity if you rent out your static caravan to others, but it is still strongly recommended if you do not.

  1. Checking caravan gas levels

What is a sunny day without a barbecue?

Before you begin cooking, check the amount of gas in your tank to ensure you have enough to keep the fire going. To test, boil some water and pour it down the edge of the canister, being careful not to pour any over the top. Press your hand carefully against the canister to determine which level is frigid and which is warm. The point where the cold and warm sections meet indicates the amount of gas left in your BBQ.

  1. Preventing dampness in your static caravan

Even with the best preventative measures, objects will eventually become soggy. A caravan will become moist if it is unoccupied in the winter.

An excellent suggestion is to place a few salt bowls around the camper while you’re gone. The moisture will be instantly removed from the air by the salt. Less atmospheric moisture implies that less wet will accumulate in your furniture or the trailer.


The luxury lifestyle investment of static caravans enables you to escape without the hassle of lengthy foreign travel. They are appropriate for young families, older couples, and everyone in between, and they are great for folks who enjoy getting away on weekends and taking spontaneous travels. However, they are not suitable for everyone.

Caravan ownership may add value to your life if you can afford it, use it frequently, and envisage a future of vacations for you and your loved ones. However, you must consider all your options before deciding, and only sign on the dotted line if you are sure it is the best option. 

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