Classic vs Volume Lashes – Here’s The Difference 

Classic vs volume lash extension

Seasons come and go, and so do clothing, costume, and makeup trends. Have you ever wondered what one thing might never go out of style and whose obsession has not changed for a long time? It is so cute to get eyelash extensions! Depending on how healthy your natural eyelashes are, you can get either classic vs volume lashes.

However, selecting eyelash extensions for your appearance can be a daunting endeavor if you need to become more familiar with the various types of lash extensions available and how to determine which ones would look best on your eyes. Extensions may help support your features and elevate the overall look of your face. So, let’s delve into knowing the difference between classic & volume lashes. Keep reading about how eyelash extensions can help to support your features and uplift the overall look of your face.

An Overview Of Classic vs Volume Lashes

When we talk about classic & volume lashes, classic lashes are the most common type. They are a great way to give your eyes a little depth while still looking natural and under control. Classic lashes are made of tiny hairs stuck to your natural lashes with glue, just like any other type of lash set. 

The ratio of 1:1 in classic lash sets makes them look so natural. What’s the meaning? One classic eyelash extension is put on and attached to each natural eyelash. Think of it as a second set of eyelashes that are tightly placed on top of your own. When it comes to classic vs volume lashes, the classic lash set looks the most natural because only one fake lash is added to each natural one. These lash extensions are great for beginners who have yet to be ready to try out bolder ones. 

Read to learn and differentiate the classic & volume lashes, as it helps you choose the glamorous volume lash look or the natural look according to your style preference. Volume sets give a bolder look by adding more drama and style. With these comparative thickness of classic vs volume lashes, two things set volume lashes apart from classic lashes: they can be used in different ratios and have a certain thickness. Depending on how simple or daring you want the ratio to be, it can be anywhere from 1:2 to 1:20. 

In the world of lashes, the ratio of lash fans to natural eyelashes is called 2D, 5D, 10D, 15D, etc. This means you can put a fan of up to 20 single lashes on top of a natural lash. Before they are put on the real lashes, volume lashes are glued together at the base. But volume lash sets also benefit from their thickness, which is helpful when applying them. 

Extensions Thickness Of Classic Vs Volume Lashes

Classic lashes are also known for being thick and having a 1:1 ratio. Classic lash extensions are the thickest. Most of them are between 0.10mm and 0.12mm thick, and the thickest ones can be up to 0.20mm. Natural eyelashes can only hold so much weight, which is why the 1:1 ratio works so well with these thicker lashes. Even though classic sets of extensions only have one layer, their total thickness lets them be made in interesting ways.

Most of the time, their thickness is between 0.03 mm and 0.07 mm. When it comes to classic vs volume lashes, volume lashes are thin, you can attach more than one fan to each natural lash. Even though volume lashes are very thin and delicate, there are still a few rules for applying them.

The fewer extensions that can be put on one eyelash, the thicker the volume fan, and vice versa. When we talk about the extensions of classic vs volume lashes, the thickness of volume lashes is much thinner than that of classic lashes.

Pros & Cons of Classic Lash Extensions

1. Pros

  • Many people who are new to eyelash extensions start with classic extensions. Their natural look is very attractive and friendly. Classic eyelash extensions can be worn by anyone, whether they work in an office or go out with friends on a Friday night. 
  • The application process is another great thing about it. Classic sets don’t take too long to make because lash artists only need to add one fake lash to each natural lash. Because of this, the classic styles are also the most affordable lash sets. 

2. Cons

  • Classic lashes are the most popular and common type of lash set, so some people find them boring or not as exciting. Because of this, some people may prefer to go straight for a more dramatic look. 
  • It can lead to eye infections if a professional makes a mistake.  

Pros Of Volume Lash Extensions 

1. Pros

  • It is no secret that volume lashes make designs and patterns that stand out. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful set of volume lash extensions if you want to add more life and sparkle. Your natural lashes will also get more depth and dimension from these extensions. 
  • Anyone can wear volume lashes because they are so versatile. Volume lash sets can be as simple as 2D fans or as big as 10D and 16D mega volume sets. This means that they can fit any style. 

2. Cons

  • Since more lash fans are used, it makes sense that volume lashes take longer and cost more. The application process can take up to two hours, so make sure you don’t have anything else going on when you make your appointment.
  • Putting together so many small, delicate fans takes skill. Volume eyelash extensions are usually only done by lash techs with a lot of experience because it takes a lot of skill to do them. 

Difference  Between Classic and Volume Lash Extensions

Here’s the main difference between classic vs volume lashes. As was already said, the ratio for classic lashes is 1:1. You can only get as many extensions as you have natural eyelashes. If your eyelashes are thick, this style will look great. But if you don’t have many natural eyelashes, volume lashes are the way to go. Traditional eyelashes will look more like mascara. 

The diameter of each eyelash will be bigger than with volume lashes. This article will give you in-depth knowledge of classic vs volume lashes. Most people use classic lashes with a width of 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, or 0.20 mm. 0.12 mm is also a choice, but it is used sparingly. 

The natural lash has to hold more weight with each diameter. The weight of an extension will also depend on how long it is. So even if someone has a lot of natural eyelashes but is very short, they will only be able to get a few different looks with classic lashes. 

Volume lashes can be 0.03 mm, 0.05 mm, 0.07 mm, or 0.10 mm in diameter. In a comparison between classic vs volume lashes, the volume world, 0.10 mm is the same as 0.12 mm in the classic world. With volume lashes, an artist can put a fan-shaped group of extensions on one natural lash without hurting the natural lash.


Your natural lashes will determine which type of lash extension you should get. The debate of classic & volume lashes depends on your preferences. It will also depend on what kind of look you want. Finding the best professional lash artist is important because they can help you choose the best lashes and apply them safely. We hope that this article on classic vs volume lashes helped you.

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