Is Microblading Eyebrows Treatment Safe For Sensitive Skin?

Microblading Eyebrows Treatment

The aesthetic quality of full eyebrows is appealing to many people in the current age. Those that don’t have naturally full eyebrows always attempt to enhance them through a brow pencil or shadow. 

However, drawing your eyebrows with a brow pencil or shadow is a short-term solution since you must do it every morning before leaving the house. Sometimes, you might even have to reinforce the shade during the day.

If you want a slightly durable solution to your eyebrow needs, you can consider going through a microblading procedure. Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that can help you easily achieve a perfect set of brows. But as with other cosmetic procedures, people with sensitive skin might be wary about trying microblading. 

In this article, we discuss microblading and the possible safety considerations people with sensitive skin should note.

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What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of eyebrow enhancement that has a semi-permanent look. The process is similar to drawing eyebrows using a brow pencil, only that in microblading, the intention is to use some form of tattooing to give a long-term shade. 

The difference between ordinary tattoos and microblading is that in microblading, shade is drawn using a thin blade device that performs narrow straight strokes on your skin. The blades have a dark pigment of color which results in thin hair-like strokes.

Unlike tattooing, microblading pigments are only applied on the superficial layers of the skin. Thus, you will experience no permanent alterations to your skin. 

Microblading fades away in a few months, to a full year, depending on the quality of the initial procedure and your skin type. If you want to get microblading eyebrows in London, consider going to O’Lee Aesthetics.

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What Makes Skin Sensitive?

Before we explore the effect of microblading on sensitive skin, let’s first understand what sensitive skin is and whether you might have one. Generally, sensitive skin is when your skin reacts more severely and quickly to triggers that would not cause a reaction in others. 

You will notice the possibility of redness or itching after applying oil, lotion, or makeup if you have sensitive skin. Other times, your skin might tingle after changing your regular soap. The causes of sensitive skin range from skin conditions such as dermatitis and allergic reactions to regular genetic predisposition.

People with sensitive skin are always concerned about trying anything new on their skin. This is because they fear trying something new might flare up their sensitivity and cause allergic reactions. Thus, the concern about the effect of microblading on sensitive skin is perfectly justified.

The Effect Of Microblading On Sensitive Skin

The effects of microblading depend on your skin type. Since microblading makes some pigment depositions on the superficial layers of your skin by making small incisions, you can expect your skin to react differently if it is naturally sensitive. 

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In most instances, people with sensitive skin take longer to heal after a microblading procedure than people with ordinary skin dispositions. Additionally, your skin might feel more tender to touch after microblading than people with other skin types. 

This is because your skin is naturally sensitive to touch. Thus, the microblading procedure can cause slight disturbances on your skin, which might irritate it.

People with sensitive skin might note a slight swelling and redness in their brow area. This is also expected due to the high sensitivity of the skin and should not be a cause for concern. 

Those with sensitive skin experience more symptoms after microblading than those with regular skin. They also take longer to heal and might require protracted care after the procedure. 

But this does not mean the procedure is entirely unsafe for sensitive skin. Regardless of skin sensitivity, you can still shape your eyebrows perfectly using microblading.

Precautions To Enhance Microblading Safety On Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin need extra precautions to reduce symptoms and make the process more comfortable. The first thing anyone with sensitive skin should do when getting microblading is tell their dermatologist about their skin sensitivity. 

This will help the dermatologist determine which measures to take to smooth the procedure.

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Precautions for microblading sensitive skin involve pre-op care and post-procedure care for the skin. Before microblading, people with sensitive skin should:

  • Clean and moisturize the skin before the procedure. This will help prevent bacteria from penetrating the skin during the procedure.
  • Use antibacterial cream before the procedure.
  • Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol at least 24 hours before the skin to reduce the possibility of redness or excessive bleeding.

After the procedure, you should care for your skin to speed up the healing process and avoid infection. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Avoid heavy sweating and direct sunshine, which can aggravate sensitive skin.
  • Apply treatment lotions and ointments as suggested by your doctor.
  • To avoid flakiness, keep your skin hydrated.
  • Wash the skin with cold water, but do not rub it.

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Final Thoughts

From the discussion above, it is clear that microblading is a safe procedure, even for people with sensitive skin. However, they may experience some symptoms that are not common for others without sensitive skin, especially after the procedure. 

If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid unpleasant experiences after the procedure.

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