Know Your Land Rover: 7 Tips Help Modify Your Land Rover

Modify Your Land Rover

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The Land Rover offers the best of both worlds, functioning like a high-performance status symbol in the city and an adventurous beast off the road. It is a magnificent build, managing to look stunning without being obnoxious. Consequently, the Land Rover Defender won the World Car Design of the Year award in 2021’s World Car Awards.

Land Rovers have an unrivaled performance capacity, giving you commanding views of the road and complete vehicle control. However, their greatest asset is the room for modifications, customization, and upgrades that elevate your driving experience.

Therefore, helpful tips and hacks are below to modify and optimize your Land Rover experience.

1. Install A Roof Rack

Land Rover manufactures several interior and exterior car accessories, giving Land Rover lovers multiple options to customize the vehicle to their taste, using high-quality, compatible products. One branded car accessory is the Land Rover roof rack in the brand’s carrying accessories catalog.

Roof racks are invaluable accessories helping to optimize your car’s load-carrying capacity without eating into your cabin space and sacrificing comfort. However, loose-fitting or poorly-installed generic roof racks can cause damage to your car’s body.

Therefore, a Land Rover Discovery roof rack, like the Expedition roof line, is an invaluable investment to enhance your Land Rover experience. Land Rover’s catalog includes a cross bar kit that attaches to the four integrated mountain points on the car’s roof. 

The Land Rover crossbar kit has a 100kg load-bearing capacity and makes it easier to transport wide or high loads. Besides the cross-bar kit roof rack, Land Rover offers various specialized roof racks, including a roof-mounted cycle carrier, a ski and snowboard carrier, and an aqua sports carrier. 

Moreover, the roof racks feature extendable slides that ease loading and unloading luggage onto the roof easily. The roof racks are also compatible with Land Rover’s aerodynamically-designed roof box that minimizes drag and wind noise.

Like every component of the iconic vehicle, Land Rover’s roof racks feature sturdy construction from high-quality materials, including anodized aluminum. Moreover, it undergoes rigorous quality checks, including a crash test. 

Land Rover roof racks are compatible with the Land Rover Discovery and Defender models. You can consult the nearest Land Rover maintenance service provider pointers on the roof rack most compatible with your Land Rover Model.

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2. Install A Foldable Sleeping Platform

The Land Rover is an off-roading beast, capable of covering miles and miles in the roughest terrains thanks to its sturdy build, high clearance, and control level. However, a bona fide adventure vehicle is complete with a sleeping area to spend a safe night on the road. 

Having sleeping space in your Land Rover reduces your camping luggage since you do not need to carry a tent. Moreover, it allows you to take road trips and camp on the fly, provided the weather permits outdoor staying.

If the car has a compatible rooftop rack, you can install a roof top tent on your Land  Rover. However, the ultimate Land Rover Camper has foldable seats that allow you to create a makeshift sleeping platform in your cabin. Although the Land Rover brand does not manufacture sleeping platform categories, you can draw inspiration from custom DIY projects by fellow Land Rover Enthusiasts.

3. Add Interior And Exterior LED Lights

Car interior lights or dome lights are a standard feature in any car and facilitate illumination. They are accommodating during off-roading expeditions, whereby drivers use them to find items in the car or read navigation maps. 

Although dome lights are a standard feature, you can upgrade your Land Rover’s cavity by installing LED car interior lights. LED car interior lights shine brighter than standard dome lights, yet they are more energy-efficient. 

LED exterior lights are equally important because they produce significantly more powerful illumination. Therefore, they function like a safety feature while off-roading. They also have a longer lifespan and consume less energy than standard exterior lights. Land Rover has LED interior and exterior lights designed for compatibility with the brand’s vehicle models.

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4. Add A Tow Bar

Like a roof rack, a tow bar also creates additional storage space. A tow car is a device attached to the back of a vehicle to pull large, wide loads like a camper van or a boat. 

You can buy a generic tow bar and attach it to your Land Rover’s rear. However, Land Rover manufactures unique towing equipment compatible with their car models. 

For starters, you can purchase an electrically-deployable tow bar that sits discreetly at the button of your car and only launches when discharged via a control panel. Also, Land Rovers feature the tow-assist function that predicts your luggage or trailer’s direction to make reversing easy.

5. Upgrade The Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers play a significant role in a Land Rover’s performance. Maintaining the minimum stop distance is a crucial safety factor for any vehicle, and Land  Rovers have an impressive stop distance. However, you can enhance your Land Rover’s performance on any road by sifting through the brand’s shock absorber catalog, featuring gas, foam, and oil shock absorbers.

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6. Upgrade Your Engine

A Land Rover engine upgrade is among the most significant modifications to improve the vehicle’s performance. The engine affects car performance features, including power fuel, transmission, drivability, and smoothness. Consider the performance enhancements you require before setting on an engine that delivers on the same.

7. Change The Finish

There are two types of Land Rover drivers, those that view the vehicle as a powerful off-road machine and those that view it as an urban status symbol. If you are in the former group, a matte or camo finish communicates your ideal. 

On the other hand, a glossy finish matches your attitude if you treat your Land Rover like a status symbol. Either way, the car will bring so much more joy.


The simple modifications above enhance your Land Rover’s performance and improve your individual driving experience. However, customization means picking the specific elements that work for you, so consider the modifications that meet your needs.

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