Winter Wedding Color Combinations for the Wedding Party

Winter Wedding Color Combinations for the Wedding Party


Popular culture associates weddings with the warmer months, so a winter wedding presents a unique opportunity to shake up the traditional “white wedding” color palette. Warmth and intimacy, the soft glow of candles, and the tactile caress of blankets are some of the best things about winter. Let your winter wedding colors tell that story in huggable shades, combined to light a spark.

Viva Magenta and Platinum

Pantone’s 2023 color of the year is a rich red magenta, speaking of the glories of nature in a technological world. Warm, deep, and evocative, Viva Magenta is a showstopper that’s easily coordinated with other shades. But for a winter wedding, metallic platinum presents itself as the ideal choice.

For lovers of opulence, customized jewel-tone blazers and suiting create a luscious viva magenta winter’s tale. Meanwhile, platinum finds a place in accents like ties, pocket squares, and boutonnieres. When combined, these two colors create an almost regal synergy with the platinum deepening and further energizing this extraordinary shade of magenta.

Break with tradition by dressing the bridesmaids in demure platinum, while the bride wears breathtaking Viva magenta. In this show-stopping shade, the bride becomes the focal point in a whole new way. Her bouquet and jewelry coordinate with her party in striking platinum as her vivid magenta gown draws the eyes of guests to her. Try fresh, apple green as an accent color. It adds dimension and a touch of spring’s promise in flowers and other wedding decor.

Lavender and Sage Green


Lavender is a massive fashion color this year and emerging on runways everywhere. Sage green fairly glows when paired with soft lavender, creating a warm, organic feel that embraces you ever so gently. Freewheeling Bohemians can leverage this naturalistic color combination in evocative ways.

Not every wedding is a formal occasion, so this one’s for people who want to build their wedding look a little closer to the mossy ground, including all you devoted casual wear fans! If the thought of a tux turns you (not sage) green, then this color combination is for you! These soft pastels send a message of tranquility and “come as you are” acceptance. Bring that vibe to the wedding party in supernaturally soft, youthfully cut, high-end fashion wear. Take the convention of suiting and turn it on its head with distressed knits or Eastern styling, in Nehru-collar jackets. The bride’s party is equally chill, bringing earth goddess energy.

A winter wedding in a mountain lodge or a rough-hewn A-frame cabin has little room for ceremony. For lovers of winter sports, a cozy wedding in finely-spun fleece coastal casuals warms the forest with the light of your love. Be as chill as you please, wearing the soft touch of casual classics in these soft, unassuming pastels. 

Royal Blue and 24-Karat Gold

There is no color combination more evocative of royalty and elevated luxury than the depth of royal blue with the precious glow of 24-karat gold. This is a metal of high purity, consisting of 99-100% pure gold, giving 24-karat gold its vibrant yellow color.

Men’s suiting for the groom and his party is tailored and refined in royal blue with gold for boutonnieres and cravats (another hint of luxury). Or choose lighthearted bow ties. Velvet and brocade are highly favored fabrics for jackets, with pants in a fine wool blend. If you can find a brocade that mingles royal blue with 24-karat gold, it may be your ideal look!

The bride’s dress may be a third color in this scenario. A deep aubergine, for example, anchors the lively play of yellow-gold and vibrant blue. Or the bridesmaids might be arrayed in 24-karat gold and the bride in royal blue. Whether or not you choose aubergine for the bride’s dress (it’s an admittedly bold choice), deliciously deep, is an ideal accent color for this winter wedding color combination.

Black and Red


Black at a wedding? Oh yes, my friends. Gothic black, when paired with one of a dazzling array of reds, is a chic trend tailor-made for winter weddings. And each shade of red has a slightly different relationship to black visually, so let’s explore some of them:

  • Scarlet/Vermilion: A brilliant compromise between blood red and orange, scarlet with black is a lively combination. For those who like to go bold, this is the shade you’re after.
  • Carmine/Crimson: This shade is a pure red tinged with purple, resulting in an almost pink caste. More sedate and deep than scarlet, this is ideal for a romantic, gothic-style wedding, adding a dimension that brings black to life.
  • Ruby: Richer in its red tones than either of the previous colors, the ruby red tone is that of the classic gemstone, profoundly red with hints of profound burgundy. Try this for a formal wedding, pairing it with black to create elegant, nostalgic perfection.

About the Color Black

Even black has different shades, so keep that in mind when combining it with red, as the combination is high contrast. Ensure that whatever suiting the groom’s attendants are wearing works together tonally. For example, when their suiting is matching pants and jackets in different fabrics, ensure that the textures work together to offset any tonal discrepancies. Lighting can change the way black “reads”, so be aware of that also.

Consider putting one of either a blue-black or a red-black to work against the red you’ll be using. These interpretations of black are visually interesting and arresting, adding a lively patina to black, especially when there’s velvet involved. 

About the Bridal Gown

Because you’re using black and red, you have a rather huge decision to make about the dress. Black? Red? It’s your wedding and the white wedding is becoming increasingly less of a “given”, so, do your thing. Go for the pinnacle of high drama!

But remember: if you dress the bride in white, she becomes a focal point in a black-and-red color scheme. Your guests’ eyes are riveted to the visual centerpiece – the bride – with the striking contrast created. Flowers in red, white, and burgundy create additional drama, texture, and contrast. Use red and black for a wedding with a hint of theater and spectacle. Red dress? Black dress? White dress? “Yes” to any of the above!

Whichever of these winter wedding color combinations appeals to you, don’t forget your guests in the planning process. Encourage them to wear your wedding colors in solidarity. Here’s to your spectacular winter wedding, painted in the colors of your love.

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