Squarespace Review – Why It Is Best For Your Business Website?

Squarespace Review

With the help of a website, you need to have an online presence because staging your product is essential. Thanks to the arrival of the CMS platform, Squarespace, ensure your brand looks nice. Squarespace is a popular content management system that’s tailored to beginners’ user’s needs. Beginners can create a professional website without learning any coding with Squarespace. You can also embed of Squarespace Google reviews widget on your website.

Squarespace offers a wide range of features and tools to its users to create their online websites. Squarespace has a built-in drag-and-drop page builder that helps users to customize the look of their overall website. This CMS platform also has e-commerce tools, customizable templates, SEO optimization, and analytics. For bloggers to create and publish blog posts, Squarespace offers a built-in blogging platform. In this blog, we will be discussing the pros and cons of Squarespace to know if it suits your business or not.

For Which Business Squarespace Is Best And How Does It Work?

Squarespace is the best website builder platform for artists, designers, and e-commerce stores that want to make attractive websites. Squarespace is a perfect all-in-one solution for small business owners that are low on budget and don’t know much about coding.

To find a server or install software, you don’t have to get into any extra steps since Squarespace is a hosted solution. Without coding, the website lets you create a website in a web browser and edit it easily with its user-friendly content management system (CMS). The templates and style editor of Squarespace will help you personalize your website’s smallest details.

Pros of Squarespace

Here are some pros of Squarespace listed below:

1. User-Friendly

As a CMS platform, Squarespace is easy to use, and without having technical knowledge anyone can adapt it. Squarespace has a user-friendly interface and the drag-and-drop page builder made it easy to customize pages. To help users get started, Squarespace also offers tutorial videos and documentation support.

2. Storage Space is Unlimited

On every plan, Squarespace offers unlimited space. For creative sites, this is stellar news that’ll build an extended media library over time. You don’t have to worry about hitting a storage limit with Squarespace.

3. Costing

For different purposes, Squarespace provides a variety of plans. Personal, Business, Basic Commerce, and Advance Commerce are the four types of plans. Depending on the plan you select, the cost and features differ from each other. Considering the features and ease of use, it’s relatively affordable but Squarespace’s cost is not the cheapest in the market.

4. E-mail Marketing

Built-in e-mail marketing is one of the best features of Squarespace. Without having to go to a third party, you can build eye-catching emails with beautiful templates. To boost the emails, you will get plenty of integrated analytics too.

5. Designs

With in-built editing capabilities, Squarespace provides you with high-quality images along with flexible layouts that have a tailored color palette. To get images for your website, you can also browse through the Unsplash library. A wide range of customizable templates are also offered by Squarespace which are modern and mobile responsive.

Cons of Squarespace

If there are pros to CMS platforms then there is another side where cons are also there, so know about it too:

1. Technical Issues

For blogs and posts, there is no auto save feature available also the live chat support is available only in the English language. It is always difficult to have knowledge about the version you are working on because Squarespace has different versions. After the website is live, it is impossible to switch. The app store of Squarespace gives access to only 31 apps currently.

2. Restricted SEO Features

The SEO features of Squarespace always remain questionable by lots of digital experts. On Squarespace, optimizing your posts and pages isn’t as instinctive as with other CMS platforms. If the primary way to drive traffic to your site is SEO then it is the key point to consider because the features are limited.

3. Costing

For many small businesses, the subscription plan of Squarespace is costly making it non-affordable. Squarespace doesn’t offer you a free plan like its other competitors instead it provides you a 14-day free trial.

4. Issues Related To Payment Options

There are no multi-currency options available on Squarespace. If you have an e-commerce business and want to cater on a global level then you should opt for any other brand. There is no support for Google Pay on Squarespace but it does support Apple Pay.

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Over to You

When it comes to building a website, Squarespace is an amazing platform. An entirely excellent online internet presence can be created with its instinctive interface. For your target audience, to make your website more convincing, Squarespace is compatible with all the tools. This enables you to add Google reviews on Squarespace website to build credibility and increase conversion rates. All the pros and cons of the Squarespace website that you need to be aware of are mentioned in this blog. Go now and create your own website by using its features.

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