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When it comes to the treatment of your hair loss. Everyone thinks that it will take a lot of time. But with the help of a hair transplant, your problem is resolved in a few days. So you have the instant hair treatment solution that is FUE hair treatment.

If you are looking for the best FUE hair transplant in London. You have a lead hair treatment consult Dr Manish Mittal. Their specialised knowledge in this field will give you a proper solution from the scratch as per your hair demand.

Need to understand FUE hair transplant:

FUE stands for follicular unit excision. In this process, hairs are restored in the areas from where they fall. In this process hair from the strong follicular area is added to the scalp area.

Choose the best Hair transplant in London

London is known for its specialised advanced medical facilities and healthcare service. It is also the capital of medical tourism in Europe so everyone who visits they go for their health treatment in London.

Due to the high demand in the medical field, all the latest technological treatment is easily available in London. Due to the competitive market, you also get pocket-friendly hair treatment in London.

Impeccable results with hair transplant :

Dr Manish Mittal is a renowned name if you are looking for the best FUE hair transplant in London. Fue hair transplant involves a minor surgical approach in which transplanting genetically robust hair follicles from a donor region in a safe zone to the thinning part of your scalp.

The FUE hair transplant technique is performed under local anaesthesia to prevent you from any pain at our Harley St, London W1G 7JU, United Kingdom. The strongest hairs, which are genetically designed to stay at the back of your head, are carefully chosen and transported to the hair thinning recipient area, where they will grow permanently.

As per Dr Manish Mittal, two in five people experience hair loss problems due to hormonal changes, ageing and illness. Just to overcome this problem some women wear a wig and some hair extensions and many uses prescribed medicines.

Hair transplant for women is the solution for those women who don’t get a good look after implementing all these things. So if you are the women who want a hair transplant from our lead hair transplant, Dr Manish Mittal.

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  • No sutures or stitches are required because the procedure is minimally invasive.
  • Quick healing time that delivers the great result
  • Caring for transplanted hair is very easy.
  • For hairline restoration, it’s ideal for cherry-picking fine calibre follicles.
  • Aftercare is straightforward, and recuperation time is kept to a minimum.

Things to do after hair treatment:

After going through the Fue surgical process you have to keep certain points in mind. To get maximum benefits of FUE hair treatment.

  • After 30 min you are allowed to go home but don’t drive.
  • We do all processes with modern techniques but you have to take care of 10-15 days to get proper recovery.
  • Follow all the suggestions and prescribed medicines on time that will give an outstanding result on your hair.


Your FUE hair transplant results will be visible in 6-12 months after the treatment, and your hair will continue to mature up to 18 months after the procedure when you will be able to enjoy the complete outcome.

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