Pricing Factors to Consider for Real Estate Photography Editing

Real Estate Photography Editing

Real estate brokers and individual homeowners must present their properties in the best possible form to sell them for the top price. Using top-notch real estate images increases interest in your property and broadens your audience of prospective buyers and sellers.

While you can take pictures of your property independently, you cannot use them without some retouching and enhancement. However, editing hundreds of pictures in a short time can easily take your time and attention away from other important tasks. In such cases, employing a real estate photo editing company can prove to be a useful trick as long as you can find an effective service provider within your budget.

Prices for real estate photo editing services vary depending on your region, the type of services you need, and the kinds of property photos you have. To ensure you have the best listing images for your business, we evaluated real estate photographer price sheets and types of real estate photography from across the world. In addition, this guide will also throw light on some tips for hiring real estate photographers.

Types of Real Estate Photos

The four basic types of real estate photography are listed below:


Condos, single-family homes, townhomes, multi-family structures with two to eight units, and luxurious properties are all included in residential photography. Most photographers take exterior and interior photos, but there is also a rising need for aerial photography and video.


Although commercial real estate photography is less common than residential, some photographers still specialize in it. Real estate photographers and industry insiders define commercial real estate photography as pictures for commercial purposes. 

Residential and commercial real estate images are different in a few ways. Residential photographers typically give their customers photos that have a restricted license. On the other hand, commercial images are subject to fewer license limitations. They have longer usage terms and greater permissions.


Interiors, as the name implies, deal with the layout and design of interior rooms and spaces. The emotional aspects—how the color, decor, furnishings, and other amenities inspire a certain atmosphere or feeling—are more heavily emphasized in such real estate photo editing.

Architects, interior designers, periodicals, agents for upscale properties, staging firms, and owners are frequently the clients of interior photography. Any type of room, no matter how big or expensive, can be the subject—especially if it has a distinctive design or narrative.

Real Estate Photo Editing Prices

Not all real estate photos require the same amount of editing. A studio apartment in London might need a few typical pictures, but a mountain home in Montana might benefit from overhead drone photography to show off the surrounding area. Naturally, when editing those photos, the techniques will also differ.

Therefore, the cost of real estate photo editing will vary depending on the service selected, and costs will rise as more equipment or technology is needed to process the image. The service provider’s location will also affect the entire cost of real estate photographyediting services.

Since the best way to get quickly edited photos is to outsource photo editing services to a reliable service provider, you can gauge the price by asking for quotes and specifying your requirements. Always ask for a free sample, compare quotes from different service providers, and choose the best deal.

Some Tips For Hiring A Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Employ a photo editing company that can properly advertise your property by using the tips below:

1.Interview them cautiously.

Make a list of questions for the outsourcing company. Inquire about their history, fees, and contracts. You can ask more about the professional’s working style and strategy. You can also gain a sense of industry pricing norms to avoid overpaying.

2.Clearly state your expectations.

Make a thorough list of everything you want a real estate photo editing expert to work on when you hire one. For instance, let them know which features of the property’s inside and exterior and its amenities you wish to be highlighted. By doing this, you’ll avoid receiving a final product that you’re dissatisfied with and offer a clear idea of the style you desire for your images.

3.Request for their real estate photo collections.

Ask to see their portfolio of homes and apartments while searching for real estate hdrphoto editing services. You may learn more about their branding by looking at their portfolio. While the company will work to showcase your property in the best possible way, you are still at the mercy of their tastes in aesthetic appeal. If you dislike how they overexpose their pictures, you shouldn’t hire them.

4.Specify the turnaround time you expect.

To ensure that the edited photographs are of the caliber you anticipate while also making sure they are delivered on time, always set a deadline. Make sure the contract specifies a fair window of time for receiving the photographs that you and the service provider can agree on.

The Bottom Lines

In addition to ensuring that you generate more buyer and seller leads for your listings, choosing the appropriate photography style and professional real estate photo editing services can also help you succeed in the real estate market.

High-quality images drive traffic to your listings, help you sell the property faster, and command greater prices. A professional portfolio will demonstrate professionalism and set you apart from your rivals.

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