Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Bangalore: Common Q/A

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you are planning to undergo laser hair removal in Bangalore, you may feel puzzled about the results. So experts at Clinic Dermatech thought of designing a list of questions and answers to help you make a wise decision.

Let’s get started.

1. How does laser hair reduction in Bangalore work?

In order to achieve long-lasting hair reduction benefits, it is crucial to destroy the hair follicles from the roots. The skin expert uses controlled light pulses that penetrate into the skin layers and are absorbed by the melanin. This pigment converts the light energy into heat that destroys the hair follicles so they cannot produce new hair afterward. The laser hair reduction in Bangalore is only effective on hair in the growing phase as they are attached to the follicle. Most hair remains in the resting phase, so you need more than one treatment. 

2. Are all skin types treated using laser hair reduction in Bangalore?

Owing to advanced technology, we can perform laser hair removal on anyone, even those with dark skin tones. All you need to provide is a subtle medical history and undergo a trial session. Clinic Dermatech offers free trials of laser hair removal in Bangalore. These can help you ascertain how your skin responds to the treatment. 

3. How many laser hair removal sessions will you need?

Your body hair grows in three different cycles and the permanent laser hair reduction in Bangalore treats hair during the growth stage. Hence, undergo 6 to 8 treatments with at least a month between the sessions. The hair follicles go through the growing and resting phase and only those in the growing stage contain hair sensitive to heat. The resting hair follicles should enter the growth phase to be deactivated by the laser. Repeat the treatment at specific intervals until all of them have been targetted. 

4. Does laser hair removal hurt?

The pain felt during laser hair removal in Bangalore depends on your pain tolerance and the technology used. Many reputable clinics like Clinic Dermatech offer advanced lasers that do not involve any pain. Most patients describe the sensation as similar to snapping a rubber band onto the skin. 

5. How does laser hair removal in Bangalore work on darker skin types?

In order to treat darker skin types, laser hair removal experts use a longer wavelength. It does not damage the skin and results in effective hair reduction. 

To book a free trial session or detailed information on laser hair reduction, you may contact Clinic Dermatech near you. 

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