Best Action Camera Body Mount

Action Camera Body Mount

The definition of adventure is pretty much the same as it was decades ago. Earlier, people used to hunt in the forest in order to have an adventurous thrill; now, they go hiking and mount climbing. Humans are fond of recording every exciting and precious moment using their action cameras. There are multiple outdoor sports these days if you want to spend some quality vacation and records using action camera body mount.

Supposed if you are going bungee jumping, it is not possible to record your entire experience with any normal DSLR camera. You will need action cameras body mount ; there are many other sports other than just bungee jumping, which requires body mounts like kite surfing, aero sports, skydiving, scuba diving, parasailing, paragliding, etc.

Multiple professionals use such types of equipment in order to get perfect stable video clips and shots. These days, the general public also started to use such Mounts to get perfect shorts for their social media postings.

Suppose you are looking for some suggestions about perfect body Mounts according to your requirements. Then check out the listing below we have done for you of some popular action camera body Mount, which will help you to record every thrilling moment. So read till the end to find the perfect one to capture your adventure stories.   

1. The Helmet Mount

Suppose you are looking for a good action camera body mount system to record your experience of either skydiving, bungee jumping or mountain biking. Then you should pick the Ultimate Mount; it comes in two varieties one is straight mounted, and another one is a curved model. People choose a straight mount that fixes because it fits the helmet’s curvature to capture some great footage from the first-person point of view.

The Helmet Mount is one of the popular action camera body mount, among the professionals. You can use this in order to shoot the best non-impact activities. So record your thrilling experiences hand-free with the help of Helmet Mount.       

2. Head Strap Mount

You cannot use a helmet mount if you are doing any sport that does not involve a helmet. This is when the head strap mount comes into play. You can fix/tie it on your head; it has an elastic band that you can adjust on your head. If you use a high-quality camera, your recordings won’t be shaky.

Using a head strap may feel uncomfortable to some, but it works fine to capture all the video and images. If you are looking for some cons, then let me tell you, there could be a slight headache after removing it. Other than that, it is one of the perfect hand-free Mount presented on the market.     

3. Bite Mount

If you are looking to capture the view as per the first-person view, but you are going for a water sport, where you can not use Helmet Mount. Then go with Bite Mount, these are quite famous among surfers and skydivers. You have to hold it in your mouth by firmly biting to hold it down. It could be hard to hold it for a longer while surfing and going through the water waves, but to capture the perfect moments, you have to do it.

While wiping the camera, you have to relocate your camera, which only takes a few moments. Remember, if you use a gel mount guard to hold the camera down with your teeth, there is some risk of tooth damage.  

4. Chest Mount

If you do not want to use a helmet mount and feel like having a harness attached to your camera will be more comfortable, then you should go with Chest Mount. Using Chest Mount will give you shots from per first-person Point Of View, but it will be at a lower angle.

Chest pads could be a bit restrictive, but some come with an underlying pad portion, making the Mount comfortable to wear. If you are having a running sport, then you should not use a chest mount because most of your footage will be covered by your arms moving up and down.   

5. Suction Mount

If you are looking for some Mount that you do not want to wear on your body, then you should go with Suction Mount. This one will be great for mounting your action on every type of vehicle like boats, cars, motorcycles, etc. Although you can use them for sandboarding or surfboards too, they are much suited for non-impact activities.   

6. Finger Grip Mount

You might be thinking about how the finger grip mount works. Well, that’s pretty easy, just like you hold to use the trigger of a firearm the same way you hold the camera on your finger. It has a circular grip that supports a half-round clip; the finger grip area handles the Mount, enabling the pointing camera to control its movements.

Its rotation range is 120 degrees, and its articulation movement is possible under it only. The only drawback you will is that it works only with Sony line action cameras, although it also comes with an extra optical LCD screen.

Finger Grip Mount


7. Magnetic Mount

After reading and seeing all the action camera body mounts, you might think all these are used for extreme action-level recordings if you are looking for something that can capture all the things happening around your surroundings while sitting near the park or lake.

Then choose Magnetic Mount, which has two magnetic plates that adhere to anything from your bag and your clothes. These are the best in the market if you are looking to capture some nature action, while they will always attach to your Body. It will capture the action according to the first-person point of view.    

The Final Conclusion:

Who does not want to capture such memories of amazing experiences that you might be doing first or last time? People are obsessed with recording every moment of their lives, and that is why action camera body mount comes into play. In the above article, we have listed some of the best Body Mount. Hope you may have a great time using any one of those.  

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