How To Save EML As PDF: A Complete Tutorial


Introduction:- Many users nowadays searching for answers on how to save EML as PDF. If you are also one of those who wants to convert EML to PDF then this content is very beneficial for you. In this article, we will discuss the two manual methods to convert EML to PDF. We will also describe here the reasons to print EML files to PDF. In addition, we have also noted the automated method of using the EML Converter tool. Let’s start with the reasons why users want to convert EML to PDF.

Why do we need to save EML as PDF? 

There are many reasons therefore users switch from EML to PDF. Some of the causes are mentioned below:-

  1. The PDF file does not allow access or edit PDF file without access.
  2. You can access PDF files without an internet connection.
  3. You can save all the data of the EML file in a single PDF file.
  4. The EML files are safer in PDF documents as compared to EML file. 

These all are reasons therefore users want to save EML as PDF. Let’s we move towards the manual method to print EML files to PDF.

Method1. change EML to PDF Manually Using MS Outlook?

To perform this manual method, you should install Microsoft Outlook on your system. Follow the given steps to convert EML to PDF.

  1. First, open MS Outlook on your system.
  2. Choose the EML file that you want to save EML as PDF.
  3. Then go to the file menu and select save as a tag.
  4. At last, select PDF as the format for converting the EML file.

Method 2. Convert EML file PDF using Microsoft Word

Given below is the process to convert EML to PDF manually.

  1. Find the location where you have saved your EML file.
  2. Then, Right- Click on the EML file and press on Open with
  3. Go to Microsoft Word for viewing the EML files.
  4. .After that, Click on the Office button on the top left side of MS Word.
  5. Select the save as option and start by picking up Find-add ins.
  6. Finally, opt for PDF file format to save EML as PDF

Follow the all above manual steps to change EML to PDF. But using methods has some limitations. Some of the limitations we have mentioned in the next phase. 

Drawbacks Of Using the Manual Method

There are some specific disadvantages of the manual method. Some of them are given below:-

  1. It does not allow you to convert multiple EML files to PDF at once. 
  2. The process of the manual methods is so lengthy therefore it cannot be easily performed by new users and non-technical users.
  3. To complete the manual procedures, you need to invest lots of time and effort.
  4. May you lose your data during the conversion process.

These all are the disadvantages of using the manual methods that occur during the conversion of EML files. To avoid such type of problem you need to use a professional way which we will mention in the next phase.

Professional Method To Convert EML to PDF

If you are worried about how do I convert multiple EML to PDF in bulk. Then I suggest you use automated methanol.  The professional method uses the EML Converter tool. Before some, I have already taken the help of this method and it gives the effective result. So, I suggest you use this if you want an easy and secure method.  By using this EML to PST Converter free download you can convert multiple EML files to PDF in a single shot. It does not take a long time to transfer emails from EML to PDF.  It permits you to convert EML to PDF with attachments.

It has a simple and interactive user interface that helps you to easily save EML as PDF. With the help of this technique, you can also convert EML files to multiple file formats and email clients. To make your conversion tasks easy take the help of this professional method. Now,  let’s see the whole article in a few words in the next context. 

Final Thought 

In this article, we have mentioned three methods the first and second methods are using manual tricks and the third method is using a professional way to save EML as PDF. We have also described the reasons why we need to transfer data from EML to PDF. But however, using the manual method is so lengthy therefore I suggest using the professional method for easy and secure conversion.

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