Ultimate Guide to Export Amazon Workmail to PST

Amazon Workmail to PST

Summary: If you are one of the users who have been looking for a solution to export Amazon WorkMail to PST format. Then, stop searching and go through this article, where you can find the solutions which you want for migrating the AWS mailbox to O365. To accomplish the mentioned task, go with a free manual method. And use a reliable Cigati Amazon WorkMail Backup solution to make hassle-free the given migration task.


AWS (Amazon Web Services) is known for providing various features in many areas, including business as well as computing services globally. Also, comes up with a cloud-based email service which denotes AWS as more popular and versatile. On the other hand, PST (Personal Storage Table) is the file format used by MS Outlook to store information like emails, notes, journals, tasks, calendars, and many more. 

The users have many reasons, and that’s why they wish to export their AWS emails to Outlook .pst format. One of the common reasons is that Outlook is an extraordinary email platform, as compared to Amazon Webmail, so they wish to export Amazon WorkMail to PST format. However, in some instances, users also want to migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365 account due to its advanced features and compatibility. Now, move to the upcoming section, where the manual method is described to perform the given task.

Manual Method to Export Amazon WorkMail to PST

With the help of a manual solution, you may face many obstacles, therefore, go with to use the direct approach, which has been aforementioned in this blog. Yet, if you want to perform the steps, then you must consider some prerequisites before beginning the conversion process.

Pre-Migration Steps to Export Data from AWS to PST:

Here we are describing some points which allow you to do the given task without occurring any errors during the migrating task. Consider the points which are as follows.

  • Must have admin access to the source AWS and destination MS 365 email accounts.
  • You need to prepare a CSV file to migrate from Amazon Webmail to an O365 account.
  • Amazon Webmail must be installed on your system and have an app password generated.
  • Ensure that you have created assigned permission to the public folder in O365.
  • Configure the Amazon Webmail and Microsoft 365 accounts with the credentials.

After looking over the necessary steps before beginning the migrating emails from Amazon Webmail to Outlook 365. Now, move to follow the process in a stepwise manner to perform the mentioned task.

Migrate AWS Workmail Emails to PST Using EAC

Here, we will go with the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) in Office 365, to do the current task by following the provided steps in the following.

  • Go to Office 365 and log in with the required credentials.
  • After that, go with the Admin and click on Show More option.
  • Next, hit the Exchange icon to open the Exchange Admin Center.
  • Here, click on Migration and hit Add migration batch button.
  • Thereafter, in a newly opened window, fill in all the required sections.
  • Afterward, provide a unique name in the migration batch section, select the Migration to Exchange Online option from the drop-down, and hit Next.
  • Next, choose IMAP Migration from the migration type drop-down.
  • Then, from the Migration endpoint section, select Create a new migration endpoint, then click on Next.
  • Here, enter the Migration endpoint name >> Maximum concurrent migration >> Maximum concurrent incremental syncs and hit Next.
  • Now, give the IMAP server details as your AWS region mail.aws-region.awsapps.com.
  • Select Authentication as Basic, Encryption as SSL, and Port no as 993.
  • After that, it will show the endpoint, then click the Next button.
  • Then, in the Add User part, download the CSV file to provide the user’s information and click Browse.
  • Now, provide all the details of the Destination Mail Id, AWS Mail Id, and AWS Password, then hit Next.
  • Next, select the mailbox to move the migration report. >> Select manually start the batch later >> Select the time zone and click the Save button.
  • Thereafter, click Done, then choose the created batch migration option, hit Resume Migration process, and click Confirm.
  • Finally, the migration process has started now. To check the current process click the Refresh button and check the emails in your O365 account.

Here, in the above section of manual steps, you can perform the task to save AWS emails as PST using Exchange Admin Center in Microsoft 365. But, keep in mind, if you are an expert user of Office 365 Exchange admin, then make use of the Manual technique. Otherwise, even if a few wrong steps are taken, then all your crucial data may be lost or corrupted. To ignore these complex and technical steps and a time-consuming method, go with Amazon WorkMail Backup Tool.

Professional Method to Export Amazon WorkMail to PST

AWS WorkMail Migration Tool is a praiseworthy solution to migrate or export your AWS mailbox to MS Outlook PST quickly. Also, you can convert Amazon Webmail emails into various file formats and can migrate them to many email service providers. Moreover, the utility is compatible with all Windows versions and provides an easy-going GUI for non-techie users to complete the provided task smoothly.


The above information provides you with basic knowledge about AWS and the Outlook 365 PST format. After that, enables you to perform the task to export Amazon WorkMail to PST format using the Exchange Admin Center in Microsoft 365. The manual method encompasses too much complex and hard-to-perform steps. Therefore, we provide the most easily runnable software with a simple GUI for novice users to accomplish the given task hassle-free.

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