Get Your Poolside Glamour With Kaftan Dresses

Kaftan Dresses

Out of many different places to visit on a vacation, beaches are considered as one of the top choices. It is always something that has been thoughtfully planned.

After planning the most beautiful beach to visit, the next important thing that every woman has to plan is what to wear? Out of many different options like bikinis, swimwear, dresses, and more. Women kaftans are something that you can carry with your every beach wear; need not to mention you can always carry it alone as well.

Kaftans are not that came is trend now or a few years ago, there is a lot of hypocrisy about kaftans which are now considered fashionable. Let’s dive in and find how can you get your glamour with Kaftans.

Who made Kaftans Popular?

Kaftans were originally worn as a symbol of royalty. Later it is worn by common folks also. Kaftans for women became most popular in 1950s when the fashion designers Christian Dior and Balenciaga introduced one piece dress as loose evening gown. Further in 1960s, the craze of kaftans among women went to new heights when designer Yves Saint Laurent introduces it as hostess dress. Since then, Kaftans are considered as the favourite of all dresses.

Styling a Kaftan

Historically, Kaftans were used as traditional wear. As fashion trends evolve it is now worn in different ways ranging from stylish dresses to cozy dresses. They are redefining versatility; women are embracing its uniqueness.

A women kaftan is a loose fitted cloth that can be worn elegantly and confidently by women of all body types. You can embrace your individuality and freely express your personality. You just need to choose the fabric and style; you will be the star of the event.

You can wear hats, comfortable shoes, elegant jewellery, sunglasses, and other things that you want to wear. If you don’t want to wear a hat, styling you hair with some beautiful headbands or scrunchies, hair clips, and so on can also nourish your kaftan look. Carrying a beach bag will embrace Beach Kaftan look, and it will also help you to carry the necessary stuff with you.

Varieties of Kaftan

Kaftans were used to be of a made of only one type of fabric and all follows the same pattern. But now this is not limited to only one pattern. Discover the different types of Kaftans UK for your beachy vacation. Number of designers are working towards achieving the end goal of looking stylish and cozy at the same time.

You can wear an embroidered Kaftan, Color block, bright colours, bold colours, dramatic prints, beach kaftans, relaxed beach dresses, and boho inspired cover ups to get an effortless glam look. The Kaftans are in different lengths such as knee length, hip length, full length, ankle length, and more.

Why Kaftans for Beach Vacations?

Kaftans are the coziest cloth of all time. You can wear a Kaftan with bikinis, swim wears, scarfs, bags, and many other things that suit best to your style. It is suited to all body types so you need not to worry how it will look upon you. Wearing a kaftan is also not difficult, you just need to put a piece of cloth on your body.

If you have planned a long day with different kinds of activities like partying, attending an event, swimming, etc. Kaftans will help you with all the activities without changing clothes repeatedly. You can wear a Kaftan after swimming and attend a lunch event. You can also go to a party wearing your Kaftan and be the glamourous women of the party.

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Bottom Line

Kaftans have come a long way, being a representation of royalty to the most fashionable cloth. From famous personalities to non-famous personalities, everyone likes to wear kaftan as a piece of fashion. But how do you find the best Kaftans UK for your vacation? Don’t worry, I do have the best solution for you, Beach Cafe is here to help you find the best different kinds of beach Kaftans for women. You can find the best kaftans for you and show all the charm inside you.

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