Dos and Don’ts When Taking Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic Injectables

People often fear if they will get the best out of cosmetic Injectables (as they claim). Here, one should consider that fillers or Injectables are actually good and do make a difference. It happens provided how you manage well the dos and don’ts associated with lip, cheek, tear trough, or other fillers. 

This post will help you find what these “dos and don’ts” are that the best clinic for cosmetic Injectables follow. Rest is upon you as to how you manage them accordingly.

  1. Facial Fillers– Facial fillers are popular for being able to add volume to areas where aging strikes. Conditions like loss of volume, dark circles/under-eye bags, tear troughs, etc. are administered using them.


  • Ask about the type of fillers and prefer the one with hyaluronic acid (HA). It won’t last forever and also, allows dynamic facial movements. 
  • Discuss your aesthetic concerns with the doctor, even if you want a natural look.
  • Visit the website and reviews on Google, which often shows before and after pictures. Social comments can tell the ground reality. 
  • Apply petroleum jelly on the bleeding area after the injectable treatment.
  • Ideally, a Botox treatment may take up to a fortnight (14 days) to pronounce the difference. It won’t promise any immediate facelift. So, stay calm and be patient.


  • If there is any skin discolouration or bruising on the treated area, avoid waiting for natural healing. Instantly call the doctor because it can be an outcome of vascular occlusion, which shows that the injectable is mistakenly injected into your blood vessel. 
  • Avoid taking your first filler treatment just a day before any big event, such as a wedding. However, a top-up filler can be preferred at that time if you’re happy with the results.
  • Avoid inexpensive anti-wrinkle treatments like cheek/lip fillers or Botox. The providing nurse or doctor may be inexperienced or, potentially use cheap products. A little mistake can cost you way higher than an expensive cosmetic treatment cost. Plus, you will be left to feel the pain and complications.

2. Lip Fillers – These are naturally extracted protein-rich gels or fluids that provide volume to thin or hollow areas like thin lips or cheeks.


  • Try to soothe lips frequently for at least 36 hours right after the lip treatment. It helps in managing slight swelling.
  • Heal bruising (if there is any) by applying warm and cold compresses alternatively.


  • Avoid overly pushing and massaging the lips for at least two weeks. It prevents the displacement of lip fillers. Gently massage with firm pressure after three days daily if you see no lumps there. 
  • Any pain, buildup, or paling lip colour can be a sign of vascular occlusion. Visit the doctor immediately to prevent further damage. 
  • Alcohol acts as a blood thinner and can disturb natural blood clotting. It does not allow fast healing if there are any bruises. So, avoid it for at least 48 hours before having lip-fillers.

3. Jaw Fillers– Like other fillers, these are also able to reduce folds and lines by volumizing that area. 


  • Agree to have this cosmetic injectable only if there is a certified and experienced doctor or skin specialist who is going to do it.


  • Avoid going out in the sun. Wear the prescribed SPF sunscreen to avoid UV rays.
  • Avoid exercises for at least a day before and after to overcome swelling soon.
  • Avoid chewing too much for at least two weeks upon being treated.

4. Botox- It temporarily hampers the receptive nerves in the treated area via its components. It prevents muscle movements, which provides sufficient time to recover. Hence, wrinkles fade away from that area and the collagen with elastin makes it firmer and smoother over time. 


  • Ask which brand of Botulinum toxin provides good results. Measure the results through before and after snapshots of patients and then, decide which one to prefer as per your skin concern.
  • In the case of Frown Lines cosmetic injectable treatment, frown at regular intervals straightaway after the procedure. It helps the medicine reach out to the required muscles of the forehead.
  • Sleep with your head up.
  • Click your photos before and after the treatment to see how it improves your skin and texture.


  • Say “no” to blood thinners, such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Discard its intake two weeks before the procedure if you want no bruises. If your medical condition mandates, consult it with your practitioner for the best advice.
  • Unlike fillers, avoid massaging the treated area for 24 hours at least. It disallows the spilling of medicine into unwanted areas.
  • Avoid saunas and cryotherapy because they won’t allow Botox to stay there, inside.
  • People with droopy eyes, loose skin, and heavy brows-don’t take Botox treatment. 
  • Discard sleep or exercise for at least 4 hours after this anti-wrinkle cosmetic treatment or procedure.

These are some common other fillers like dermal fillers. Avoid relying on them as a whole-sole treatment. Consult with your doctor while disclosing your aesthetic goals. He would suggest you a combination of a few good cosmetic Injectables for rejuvenating skin via micro-needling or dermapen needling.


Cosmetic Injectables are helpful in quickly administering aging signs like fine lines, folds or wrinkles. There are certain dos and don’ts that patients should be aware of. Consult with a medical practitioner who has done certification in this domain and also has experience.

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