Candle Ideas To Lit Up Your Christmas

candle ideas

Christmas is gonna be here soon. And it’s time to plan your decorations. Raise the spirits of your home decor with candles. Introduce eye-catching Christmas candles by Artostyle. They have a rich collection of phenomenal pieces to light up your space.

You can get a variety of candles for your Christmas celebration. Explore the collection and get a few for your home. In addition, you may choose from fascinating winter landscapes or Christmas tree candles. Here are some Christmas candle ideas to add to your festive holiday decor.

Candle Displays

Candle displays are the best way to groom your interior with a hint of simplicity and tradition. This year bring candle displays and lanterns to your home. Furthermore, you can opt for Artostyle blue candles and white candles. They give comfort and warmth to your decor. Even though a lantern is an old-fashioned piece, it can make your space peaceful. Put a candle inside, and you are good to go with the candle decoration.

Winter White Layout

Put together candles with white foliage and flowers. Place it on the mantle or window sill arrangement. Settle on white and green wintery touch for an easy and effective showcase. Besides, you can place a few mirrored votives filled with water between the candles. You can also add a few strands of variegated ivy in a zigzag manner.

Stair Step

Decorate the Christmas pillar candles in stair-step order. It will let you have an authentic and classic look. You can consider candles with different heights. You can either place it on a mantel or as a center piece for your holiday table. They have a huge collection of candles to elevate the look of your space. So, you can try out their products and uplift your Christmas decor.

Homey Vibe

Opt for canning jars for your candle display to give a cozy ambiance. Fill each of the jars three-quarters with water. Tie up a colorful ribbon around the upper part of each jar. And secure it by making a simple double knot. Then, add a floating candle on top of it. Group the jars as you wish. And give them a finishing touch with evergreen sprigs and glass ball ornaments.

Festive fragrance

Candles are enough to set the mood but raise the senses with a gorgeous aroma. Bring out a festive fragrance with the scented candles by Artostyle candles this Christmas. They are one of the best candle shops in the UK. Merge them with room diffusers, essential oils, and pot-pourri in scents. They will complement each other the best. Opt for the fragrances such as sandalwood and orange, eucalyptus and cedar, or spicy cinnamon and clove.

Dining Set Up

You can’t imagine a Christmas table without candles. Including the candles is a must to create an aura and take the table from daytime into night. Go with traditional red, white and green. Additionally, layer it with a long garland of greenery on the length of the table. Finish it off by adding berries, apples, or pomegranates.

Add Greenery

Fill the bottles with water and insert a sprig of foliage in them. You can put fir, ivy, or eucalyptus into each bottle; so it stays upright. Lastly, add tall green candles to wrap up. Or put a pillar candle in a glass container. Hem in with chunks of greenery; to add a welcoming vibe to your decor. Delight in the Luxury candles UK by Artostyle candles.


Make use of these candle ideas to light up your space for Christmas. Luxuriate in the decorative Christmas candles by Artostyle. Also, you can get them custom-made based on your requirements. They will make a perfect match for your Christmas decor.

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