Best Ways To Get Paid To Have Fun

get paid with having fun

From playing in a park to working at an MNC, this is where fun is. Every individual has a different understanding of fun. For some, it’s working. For others, maybe dancing or even writing. For the individual writing this article, the viewpoints and aspects of fun change with everyone. Well, if a person can have fun and get paid for it, that is what a dream job or livelihood might look like. “Fun at work” is not just a passing phase, but an expression for people who earn a living by doing more than just a duty or job, but by having fun and enjoying every aspect.

Everywhere one looks, one can find various areas where it can be seen that people are having fun and earning at the same time, and this spectrum doesn’t confine itself to the conventional areas like dancing, singing, or sports; it goes beyond and further to a job in an MNC, being a teacher, or even being a writer. Being a fashion designer is fun for a person who loves designing clothes and is into fashion.

For people who love to write long stories or plays, being a screenwriter or being an author is fun. For quirky people, there are exciting ways to earn money as mentioned in Vlogging or being an influencer is fun for people who love creating videos about various life events. These are just a few of hundreds of options people can consider fun and get paid for.

Many people think that being practical and making adjustments for work and getting paid is necessary for life, but much growth and success are seen if a person has fun in their profession. It all comes down to whether a person is right-headed to achieve what they want to do, what they enjoy the most, or just works for survival.

Here are a few professions where it’s seen without knowing what getting paid to have fun looks like.

1) Photography:

For many people, it’s just a hobby or a way to create memories on trips or posts on Instagram, but for some, photography is an art form, and getting the perfect shot with the ideal lighting and the perfect time is what a photographer does desires. Being a photographer opens up various areas to get paid, like opening a photo studio, working as a freelancer for clients or an event photographer, or even selling to private collectors or galleries.

2) Video Gamers:

As a child, these days, playing video games is a routine and love, but isn’t it like a dream come true that a person can even earn from this hobby? Suppose a player is good at playing popular games (Fortnite, anyone?) and has a sense of showmanship. In that case, they can start their channel on Twitch and accept tips and donations from their followers or by posting videos to YouTube—from reviews of games one plays to Let’s Plays and walkthroughs—and make money off ads.

3) Arts and Crafts:

All the beauty around a creation shows an artist’s creativity, whether on a complex canvas or digitally. It all matters and can be sold to various companies or shops as decor items or galleries, even making small ornaments or jewelry and doing a very own business. Even digitally, creating logos, advertisements, and even digital cards for the clients.

4) Speakers

People who are good with words, confident, and know-how to present things are a fun way to earn money, such as being motivational speakers or giving TEDtalks.

5) Interior Design:

The most fun for some people is to upgrade, manage, and improve their space and help others decide too, and being an interior designer is a fun way to do so while giving a 3D picture of the actual image in mind.

6) Actor:

One of the growing communities and something loved and enjoyed by many is performing arts, a broad community of people having fun with their voices in singing, theatre skills, and movements in dancing. Being an actor, singer, or dancer in the entertainment industry, teaching these forms, or opening one’s studio is some way people get paid for showing their talent, which is fun and enjoyable.


These are a few well-known areas where people excess, grow, have fun, and make a living. In this fast-paced world, what matters is to take the time and slow down where necessary to take a chance with oneself and take a step towards what they truly want and enjoy doing; it is something that goes a long way, and as the experience grows, the position in your field grows, a person gets to understand themselves better, and, in the long run, does feel proud of oneself for taking that leap of faith and not being scared even if one should believe in oneself and try to take that leap towards a phrase where they get paid for having fun doing what they do.

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