Avoiding Casino Scams: The Dark Side of Gambling

online casinos scams

Casinos are quite popular among all generations. People believe it is a quick source of income, and many people are addicted to gambling, but in reality, most of the games are rigged, and there are rare instances where you can win. People do occasionally win some money, but whatever you win at the casino eventually returns to the casino.

People used to get scammed by casinos, where they used to go to real ones. But now casinos are available online. The number of online casinos has skyrocketed, and the user base has increased as more people have become interested in gambling. The cost of getting real property for casinos is not a problem, and many con artists have chosen to target people by making fake online casinos.

Most online casinos are just there to rob people; there are very few platforms among all of the online casinos that are legitimate. Even legitimate casinos loot people with their brilliant honey trap strategies. You can at least file a complaint or report against legitimate online casinos, but fake online casinos can loot people in bulk with their tricks, and by the time you realize you have been defrauded, it will be too late.

What is an online casino scam?

Casino scams are ones in which people willingly participate. They are trapped by fake gambling websites. The scammers work in a sophisticated manner and create a legitimate websites. People are duped by low-investment, high-reward tricks. In online gambling scams, users’ details to fund everything are stolen. The most popular scam is multi-accounting bonus abuse.

People are scammed by con artists in many ways; even platforms are duped sometimes. The fraudsters create multiple accounts to redeem the bonus, and the platform bears the loss because of it. With these accounts, the fraudster deliberately makes one player win in head-to-head games, which gives the winner an extra bonus.

Chip thumping, bonus abuse, and gaming are all types of fraud that fall under multi-accounting, which basically targets the platform for fraud but also causes other genuine players who are at the same table or game to lose their funds.

How do they trick you into falling for the victim?

These gambling scams are not impossible to tackle; if you stay vigilant and assess the situation in the proper manner, you can spot the scammer immediately. A brief overview of casino scams can help you stay safe from these scams. I will try to summarize the scams, and later I will explain how you can avoid them by spotting them easily.


Payment issues are the most common problem faced by users. The users will win in the end, and the platform will show that the user won a particular amount, but while withdrawing, the drama will begin. Sometimes there will be some error, and sometimes the user will not meet the wagering requirement.

However long you wait and try to fix all the errors and satisfy all the requirements, the application will reject your withdrawal with no reason, or you can withdraw a very small portion of your winning amount. In some cases, when the player withdraws the fund, they will even charge some fees.

While the withdrawal process begins, it will buffer a lot. The slowing down of the payment process is done deliberately so the user gets frustrated and cancels the withdrawal. All attempts are made to frustrate the users, and the most common way is to set the withdrawal limit low. With a low withdrawal limit, the user has to go through all of these processes multiple times to take his or her funds out, eventually causing the user to cancel the withdrawal and use it again in the game.

They even frustrate the users by offering a good bonus that the users can’t redeem because of certain conditions that are not satisfied according to their policy. So it’s important to read each and every policy. They will manipulate their bonus scheme according to the policy, making the user too stuck in between and making him/her more frustrated, so the user doesn’t feel too quiet and still can’t get their reward.

Deposit Issues

Deposit issues are faced by the users in regular instances, as most of the time it turns out to be a glitch. However, if errors occur, you can report them or contact customer service; apart from that, there have been cases of deposit theft.

As the servers are quite busy, it may take some time to load your deposit. Scammers do steal the funds, and as the website is run by con artists, they have a strong offline network for money laundering. When the user makes the deposit, their account will not be refreshed and show no added balance. Thus, the money is gone, and in such cases, users can contact the law enforcement firm, which can help them recover their funds.

Improvised Games

Rigged games are part of the traditional culture of the casinos, and they are also followed by online casinos, but in an illegal manner. The fake casinos are affiliated with these rigged games, causing the users to lose every game. The users lose a huge amount of their deposits, and on the other hand, the scammer makes a huge chunk of profit.

Customer Support

The fake websites provide an option for customer support, but in reality, they don’t have a properly functioning customer support service. So they can resolve your problems with the utmost priority, or in some cases, they don’t have any customer support, so your problem will never be resolved.

If there is a review section, you can look for the response their website has received; some users will definitely point out the lack of response from customer support. If there is no review section, you’d better choose another platform.

How can I avoid these gambling scams?

You can avoid these scams by just going through some of the tips. You can even help a friend or family member who is actively involved in online gambling. With the help of these steps, you can at least ensure the legitimacy of the casino website.

Do research

When you choose a particular platform for online gambling, doing thorough research is the best practice that will help you prove the legitimacy of the website. The more you read about the website, the better you will understand how it works, and you can do in-depth research on their payment policies too.

You can go through the reviews, and yes, there will be some fake reviews too. Companies do pay for fake reviews, but you can understand the difference between a genuine review and a paid review, and if the review section is flooded with bots, you will easily recognize it or you can choose another website.

Read the policies.

Read the policies of your online casino platform; many platforms twist their rules and dupe people. I know reading policies is boring, but for the betterment of your funds, you have to go through them thoroughly.

By reading the policies, you can understand how you can make withdrawals. In many cases, users face withdrawal issues. Reading policies will be an advantage for you.

Small Deposit

This is the basic step you can follow so you don’t lose much of your funds if your casino website is fraudulent. Going for a heavy deposit is quite risky. So it’s better to have a small start. If there is some minimum limit on your casino platform, try to deposit the minimum amount. Losing $10 won’t hurt you as much as losing $1,000.

Look for Licensing

Licenses are the most important documents that you should look for. Licenses are provided by government regulators. If you’ve chosen a platform that doesn’t have a license, change platforms. Fake gambling platforms are never approved by the governing bodies. There are many different types of licenses, and the strongest one is offered by the governing bodies located in Europe.


That was all about the dark side of the casinos; you have to be aware of these scams so that you can stay away from such frauds. Try to subscribe to a website that has a proper license; there are some websites that show fake licenses. You can check the legitimacy of the platform on the licensing website. If you fall victim to such scams, you can report them to a law enforcement firm.

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