Mobile Casinos Ireland: More Popular Than Classic Casinos?

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The mobile revolution is well and truly upon us. In fact, it started some time ago with the launch of devices like iPhones and Android smartphones. The days of classic, in-person casinos aren’t totally gone, as there are still plenty of places that people go to engage in real-life games with physical dealers and slot machines where they can pull a lever or press the spin button.

So, are mobile casinos now more popular than classic casinos? The growing industry around the mobile casinos Ireland has to offer has been the subject of some debate. With the added accessibility that people can enjoy when using their devices to play slot games, poker, roulette and other casino games anywhere, there are now more gamblers than ever before.

A Statista study indicates that “Ireland’s online casino market has experienced a surge in popularity, driven by a growing number of tech-savvy players and a strong regulatory framework.” The industry is continuing to grow and is predicted to gain the better part of a billion dollars in yearly revenue by 2028. Irish casino users are more tech savvy than ever.

Are mobile casinos more popular than classic casinos?

In simple terms, mobile casinos are definitely more popular than classic, in-person casinos, both in Ireland and many other countries. It is inevitable really, as in-person casinos have limitations such as opening hours and the number of people who can actually reach the casino.

Mobile casinos are open at all hours and provide a way for players to play in the comfort of their own home. There are still many successful classic casinos out there, so mobile casinos are not always in direct competition. Sometimes people would rather organise a trip to the casino with their friends, and other times, they may want to just play on their mobile while at home in front of the fire or laying on the sofa.

As technology has advanced, and continues to become more complex with the adoption of AI and even quantum computing, casinos are likely to integrate this sort of technology to become even more immersive, reliable and potentially more sophisticated.

Benefits of mobile casinos

What are the benefits of mobile casinos? Why are so many players flocking to mobile options and those who have traditionally played at classic casinos starting to download apps and use casinos on their mobile browsers?

Anywhere, anytime

This is probably the biggest benefit. Players can log in and have a go at their favourite casino game whether they are on the bus to work or just have some time to kill at home.

While in-person casinos have set opening and closing times based on staffing, licensing, where they are based and numerous other factors, online casinos have no such issues. They operate 24 hours a day, and this can suit a player’s schedule rather than them having to stick to the casino’s schedule.

Choice of games

Online casinos and mobile casinos can provide far more games than most in-person casinos. Imagine 5,000 slot machines in one casino! Some online options offer this, and while some of the in-person casinos also have digital interfaces that allow players to access a lot of games, online casinos tend to have more options.

More promotions

In-person casinos do offer some bonuses, the name blackjack actually comes from casinos offering bonuses in card games when players got a jack of spades or clubs. However, online casinos make it much easier to find certain promotions and access offers such as free spins. In addition to the initial signup bonuses they offer, a lot of casinos offer promotions for returning players, which they may send via email. Players can try multiple casinos too to take advantage of the best possible promotions.

Easy deposits and withdrawals

This is an area that has improved a lot in recent years, as deposits and withdrawals have become much more straightforward with virtually every payment method. People can use bank accounts and bank cards to move money around, but they can also use options like Apple Pay, which can make the process even quicker.

Responsible gambling tools

Ireland has a robust licensing system which helps to keep players safe in many different ways. Sites will often have responsible gambling tools as part of their platform, allowing players to review how much they have gambled, won and lost. They may also be able to exclude themselves from playing and take a break from their account if they want to. Responsible gambling is crucial to keep the industry safe.


It is clear that mobile casinos and in-person casinos aren’t in direct competition. A lot of brands even run both in-person, classic casinos, and newer, modern mobile casinos that allow people to gamble online and while they are on the go.

Online casinos attract more players than in-person casinos in Ireland, as is the case in many locations around the world, but there’s still a thriving classic casino scene too, and the industry is growing all the time.

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