A Guide to Sex Toy Safety

Sex Toy Safety

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Sex is good for your health. It’s true. Sexual release, whether solo or with your partner(s), has a variety of health benefits. The chemicals your body releases at climax clear your head, reduce pain, and even reduce stress and cortisol levels. With stress and cortisol being culprits for inflammation, it’s safe to say that reducing these in such a pleasurable way is a very good thing. 

Because of sex’s ability to press the reset button on your mind-body connection, it could be said that sex should be added to your overall wellness routine. Adding sex toys to your sex life is a fun way to expand your sexual wellness, as well as explore yourself and your partner. Whether you’re just starting to explore sex toys, or if you’re in the market for a new best friend, you’ll want to know a few safety tips. This will ensure the longevity of your toys, and ensure your own health and safety, as well.

Know What They’re Made Of

Sex toys are a lot like people. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you’re no stranger to sex toys or exploring your options for the first time, you will absolutely want to know what these toys are made of. Toys made of medical silicone have become extremely popular and are free from common allergens. However, this doesn’t mean that medical silicone is safe for you, specifically. You will want to know your body and its reactions before toying with new materials.

If you have silicone allergies or simply prefer something different you can safely explore non-porous glass sex toys, as well as stainless steel. Just be sure to keep in mind your body’s unique reaction to such materials. This will help keep your sex play fun, safe, and healthy.

Size Matters

When it comes to selecting a sex toy, the options are seemingly limitless. There are vibrators, dildos, and oh so much more. Each toy comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The key to choosing the right toy for you is not only selecting the toy which will fulfill the physical sensations of your fantasies, but also choosing one that is the right size for your body. 

When it comes to vibrators, you can look to those which fit the aesthetic that appeals to you. You may consider a larger vibrator for the privacy of your bedroom, but you may like a smaller vibrator for play on the go. When it comes to dildos and other toys that can be used for penetration, you will want to pay closer attention to the size. You need to know your body and your natural limits. This is not to say that bigger isn’t sometimes better, just not when you’re starting out. Start small and work your way up to your evolving comfort level. Sex toys that are too big can cause injury, and that’s the opposite of a healthy sex life.

Sharing Is (Usually) Caring

Introducing your favorite sex toy to your partner(s) is absolutely a great way to deepen your bond. But you will want to keep your play safe and healthy. This is why it is important to practice safe sex, even with your sex toy. Using condoms on sex toys is a simple way to prevent the spread of STDs. It also helps prevent unwanted bacteria from finding its way from one to another.

Cleanliness — A Given

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It should be a given that you need to keep your sex toys clean. Even if you use a condom with your toy, you will still want to clean your toy after each use. Your toy will likely come with care instructions, which instruct you on the best practices for keeping your toy clean. You may find it good practice to clean your toy both immediately before, and immediately after each use. Just be sure that the solution you use to clean your toy (soap, toy cleaner, etc.) is thoroughly washed away before you use it again.

A Healthy Sex Life

Sex toys are a safe way to explore your body and learn new ways to find pleasure. Sexual arousal is totally natural and part of your body’s natural processes to rebalance your body and calm your mind. Ensuring your sex toys are chosen, used, and maintained in a healthy way can lead to a healthy, happier life overall.

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