Six Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Magento PWA Store

Magento PWA Store

Good user experience has become important for Magento PWA sites due to rising competition. Customers facing bad experiences usually move to your competitors.

In addition to directly affecting sales and conversions, bad UI/UX also has an indirect effect on customer satisfaction, SEO, ROI, and various other areas of an eCommerce store.

Your Magento PWA store might lose customers for life if you don’t avoid the common mistakes.

We have compiled a list of mistakes you need to avoid in your Magneto PWA store.

1. Wrong Magento Update Installation

For some Magento stores, the idea of updating their website is tedious. Your Magento store must be updated at the right time to ensure compatibility with the new themes and extensions as well as the transfer of your data, among other things. Mistakes in upgrading your website to the most recent version might generate downtime that can seriously harm your business. 

2. Improper Space Management

The second most common UI/UX blunder to avoid when building a Magento PWA store is the misuse of space.

Some PWA retailers display non-product links on their main website menu or header, which does not add to their total sales.

You can replace the no-product pages with discounts, promo codes, offers and other things that bring value to customers.

The Magento 2 Mega Menu Extension is also a great option for maximizing the value of your top navigation menu in your Magento PWA store.

Improved usability, user experience, and overall store navigation attract more people to explore your website for longer periods of time, which eventually leads to more sales.

3. Overloaded User Interface

Magento PWA store owners make the most common UI/UX mistake when designing their store’s interface: they make it confusing. User interface overload is a common concern for both new and established eCommerce businesses,

The term “user interface overload” refers to when an eCommerce website has a high number of categories, promotion banners, and other UI components that dilute the business’s impression.

4. Improper presentation of products

The product display of many eCommerce stores tends to be limited to one category. Their product descriptions and the number of photographs they provide for each product are more important to them.

However, a strong UI & UX is more than just the length of the product descriptions or the sequence in which the pictures of the products are displayed.

When a consumer first visits your online store, he or she is looking for information about the things you sell before making a purchasing choice.

It’s important to generate information that’s visually appealing but also simple to read and educational.

5. Complicated Check Outs

A study by Magneto and Bronto found that online shopping cart abandonment is 70% by. 7 out of 10 consumers who visit your website don’t make a purchase at all!!

Checkouts are made easier with the new Magento 2 product layout style. Hence, make sure your checkout procedure is as simple and straightforward as a game after consumers have added things to their cart. A store’s reputation is harmed by complicated and confusing checkout procedures. In case your customers are even a bit annoyed when checking out, they are more likely to leave your store without buying anything.

6. Out of stock items

Some Magento store owners delay restocking out-of-stock products, which is another typical error. This can happen when your customer base grows, but you still depend on a single supplier.

You should also inform your customers about out-of-stock items if you can’t replace the stock for a short period of time.


Magento PWA has a wide range of extensions, improved performance, a speedier checkout, and a lot of flexibility to help you build a successful ecommerce shop.

The bottom line is that if you want to make more money from your store, you need to attract more consumers. It’s possible to lose a large number of your current customer base if your website’s design is overly busy or cluttered. You can choose to hire a PWA development agency to make sure that you are avoiding these mistakes.

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