Self-Inking Vs. Pre-Inked Stamps: Which One Is Best For You?

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The biggest dilemma to face is choosing between two quality items. In this case, you will have to narrow down all the differences before deciding which one is ideal. 

Pre ink and self inking stamps are exceptional and can get your work down with neat and clear lines. Whether you are using them to stamp office documents or want to create fantastic card designs, they will always give you the best results. 

Both pre inked and self inking stamps give impressive work when it comes to quality. They also don’t need a separate ink pad. With such similarity, it becomes hard to choose one among the two. 

But how do you choose the best between the two? 

Though they both give you perfect results, there is always one better than the other. To make your work easier and help you make a well-informed decision, this article will do a comparative review looking at the key features that will help you know which one suits you.  

Here Is How to Know the Best Stamp for You?

1. Price

Self inking stamps are more affordable compared to pre inked stamps. Nevertheless, the quality of their impressions, performance, and efficiency is maintained. 

The main reason behind their affordability is that they can offer fewer impressions than pre ink, requiring frequent refilling. Additionally, they use water-based ink compared to oil-based or gel-based ink in pre ink stamps. Self inking stamps also deliver fast, clear, and readable impressions. 

The pre inked stamps are pricier due to the high quality of impressions they provide. With price in mind, you can quickly know which stamp is affordable. They both provide quality impressions but only defer on the number they make before refiling. 

You can always get your preferred stamp and ink from at affordable prices and guaranteed high-quality products.

2. Ergonomic Design 

Pre inked stamps come with a built-in ink reservoir within the stamp. The reservoir is filled with gel-based or oil-based ink. The pre-ink stamp is always ready for use since you don’t have to carry or use an ink pad. It is also perfect for repetitive or bulky stamping of documents.  It has a cover at the bottom to secure and ensure clean storage.  

On the other hand, the self inking stamp is designed like a traditional automatic stamp with real rubbers on the ink pads. Whenever you stamp a document or make an impression, the rubber automatically re-inks itself by going back and forth into the ink pad. 

Unlike the pre ink stamps with an in-built ink pad, some self-inking stamps come with a separate ink pad. However, others contain built-in water-based ink pad that allows the stamp to re-ink after use. Amazingly, the self inking stamp allows you to change into the ink of different colors. 

Considering the design, you can easily choose the best stamp depending on its uses. 

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3. Fast and Efficient Impressions

As mentioned earlier, self inking stamps may offer fewer impressions than pre inked stamps. However, they are reliable when making repeated and quick stamping. Therefore, self inking stamps are perfect for rapid stamping tasks such as clerical work requiring many documents to be stamped quickly. 

The pre inked stamp can make tens of thousands of impressions before you refill it. This makes it ideal and efficient when you have many papers to stamp. Additionally, if you want to save yourself from the hassle of refilling your stamp, you can buy a pre ink stamp.

4. Impression Quality and Longevity

To know the best stamp to use, you must consider the quality of its impression and the longevity of the print. A good stamp should provide clear and clean impressions while at the same time ensuring its long-lasting.

A pre ink stamp provides a perfect and durable ink quality that can help you create as many impressions as possible. This allows you to enjoy the services of your stamp without thinking of refiling the ink. 

To mention, refiling a pre-ink stamp is easy and fast. You only need to add a few drops of ink into the reservoir and then leave it for some time to absorb the ink. Once you have given it enough time, you can continue stamping. However, you should note that the ink you are using to refill should be from the same brand or type.  

Nevertheless, the pre-ink stamps dry slowly compared to the self inking stamps since it uses gel-based or oil-based ink. But that should be of less concern as it provides you with crisp, sharp, and high-quality impressions. This makes them perfect if you are looking for a stamp that can give a clean impression with no feathers or smudge. 

Self inking stamps are known for their high-quality ink that provides excellent impressions. However, though they give clear impressions, they are not clean and crisp as the pre inked stamps. Since they use water-based ink, they dry quickly and do not bleed easily. 

The self inking stamps can’t make as many impressions as the pre inked stamps before refilling them. The refiling process is also easy as you only add a few drops of ink to the ink pad and continue with your stamping. With self-inking stamps, you can use different types and colors of ink if you wish. 

With such a comparison, it’s easy to know the best ink to fit your need. The pre ink stamp will be perfect if you want to make many impressions.  

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Wrapping Up 

With such a comparative evaluation, you can now make a decision quickly. In addition, you should narrow it down to your preference and need.  Though they are both ideal for providing high-quality impressions, with fast and efficient performance, you can still choose the best. Additionally, if you are using stamps to make cards, you should consider one that will give the best design depending on your card.

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