Online Cake Ordering in London: A Comprehensive Guide

order cake online in London

When you’re thinking about ordering cake online in London, you probably have several questions running through your mind. Will the cake look as lovely as it does in the picture? Is it fresh? How much will delivery cost? When should you order the cake for delivery in London? If you want to answer any of these questions and more, this comprehensive guide on Order Cake Online in London has you covered! Whether ordering cupcakes or an entire wedding cake, this step-by-step guide helps make the process fun and stress-free.

How to Choose a Birthday Cake Online

When ordering a cake, deciding what to use it for is important. If you want a cake to eat yourself or if you’re serving someone else, the different flavours and textures of the cake are more noticeable than when using a cake as decoration. When purchasing a birthday cake online, look for sugar-free or gluten-free cakes if those are an issue for any of your guests.

What Type of Chocolate you can get from an Online Order

Almost every type of chocolate is available online, from the well-known to the rare and obscure. You can order so much more than just cakes online. Chocolate-covered strawberries, eggs, and potatoes are perfect for easter weekend celebrations!

How to Choose the Right Flavours for your order?

Choosing the right flavours can be a challenge! The world of cake flavours is diverse and offers many possibilities. Some people go for chocolate, others for fruit cakes. So how do you know which flavours to go for? The critical question is, what flavour will make you the happiest when you eat it? If this sounds difficult, don’t worry – we’re here to help!

Size and Quantity for your cake order

Regardless of the occasion, ordering a cake online is an easy and cost-effective way to provide a special touch to any celebration. Choose from one of our mouth-watering signature cakes for the perfect selection for your event – six-inch, eight-inch or nine-inch round cakes or our more giant ten-inch rectangular wedding cake. No matter what you order, we can deliver your delicious creation with next-day delivery on all Saturday orders.

Wholesale vs Retail Delivery Options

There are two delivery options available, wholesale or retail. Wholesale deliveries take place at a discounted rate with the purchase of over six or more items, allowing you more control over quantities. Retail deliveries are the other option, where your order will be dispatched immediately on purchase and arrive within 2-3 days.

The Top Places to Buy Birthday Cakes Online in the UK

The internet has made it possible to order cake and send it straight to your door, but what if you want to buy birthday cakes online? Well, not only is that possible, but with some research, you can find the best place to buy birthday cakes online!

Healthy savoury snack for birthday in London

Healthy Savoury Snacks in London are typically more expensive. When you need to order food for a party, this can be more difficult than if you were looking for unhealthy dishes. Lucky for us, we live in a great city with plenty of healthy options that are just as tasty and less expensive. At Owen Brothers Catering, you will get everything you want for your birthday snack.

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