Myths And Facts About Hair Transplant In Delhi

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Hair-related concerns are constantly rising and every second person is suffering from hair loss or some other hair problem. When the condition goes out of control, people look for a permanent solution for their hair loss problem. In that case, what else could be better than visiting the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi?

Although the success rate of hair transplants is great, only a few people prefer to choose the procedure. This is probably because the internet is full of myths and facts about hair transplants and most of them are not even true. It is one of the biggest reasons many patients fall for false presentations about hair transplants in Delhi. 

We have pulled together a list of some common myths and facts about hair transplants that you should and shouldn’t believe. Let’s take a look at them.

Myth: Hair transplant gives instant results.

Fact: No treatment can provide you with overnight results. One of the first steps to getting a successful hair transplant is to set realistic expectations. After your surgery is completed, it may take around 4 to 7 months to notice consistent hair growth. In some cases, this duration can be even 9 to 11 months. There are several cases where patients have experienced hair falling out during the shock of the sleeping phase and you should understand that it is normal. It takes time for the anchored root to develop which provides natural-looking results and blends with the original hair follicles.

Myth: hair transplant in Delhi is extremely painful.

Fact: the latest and advanced techniques in the hair transplant industry has changed the scenario that included pain and suffering in the treatment. Today, patients do not experience extreme pain. However, mild discomfort after the surgery is normal and happens especially when the bandaging is removed. 

Myth: hair transplant in Delhi is only for men.

Fact: since both men and women face hair-related problems, both of them have access to hair transplants. Many people associate hair transplant with only male pattern baldness which is not true at all. The best hair transplant clinic in Dwarka offers hair transplant services to people of all genders.

Myth: only rich people can afford hair transplants in Delhi.

Fact: not one but many people across the country believe in this myth. Hair transplants are now easily affordable for anyone and everyone with the latest advancements introduced in this procedure. The best hair transplant clinic in Noida offers easy payment plans and options. Before undergoing a hair transplant, you can consult your surgeon for exact graft requirement and the technique to get estimated hair transplant cost in Delhi.

Now you know some common myths and facts related to hair transplants in Delhi. If you are experiencing hair loss and baldness, get in touch with Clinic Dermatech to get an affordable hair transplant cost in Delhi.

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