How To Optimise Your Jewellery Website?

jewellery eCommerce website

Do you want to optimise your jewellery eCommerce website and do not know where to start? In this blog, we will discuss the top tips the leading eCommerce agency follows to optimise the jewellery eCommerce website.

To simplify, we have compiled all the tips below in detail. Without any delay, let’s begin with the tips.

Use images that are clear and unique.

Use clear, high-quality images and well-written descriptions error-free text on the product category page to get people’s engagement. Give different catalogues with subcategories for each type of jewellery. For example, there should be a separate category for earrings and subcategories for the different types of earrings in that category.

Don’t use stock photos on your website, or you might disappoint people who might buy from you. As per RVS media, when people visit your jewellery website, they expect to see your original jewellery collection. If you use stock photos instead, they will be disappointed, and you will not be able to make a clear strategy.

Improve the way the collection is shown.

If you have a separate collection for weddings and engagements or a cool collection for social Goths, don’t be afraid to put those on their pages. Launching a special jewellery collection, like memorial jewellery, makes the page look like an ad and brings in online jewellery sales. 

Getting the website known

Now, this is something that every jeweller needs to know when making plans: not every prospect who visits your landing page will go to your home page. So, digital marketing for jewellery, in this case, should be done with care. You can get more leads by including brand messages, vision, catchy captions, what your brand is about, and other interesting content.

Future of eCommerce for the jewellery industry

 Top jewellers are already taking the ideas and investing in 3D design equipment, reducing the time between when a customer asks for a design and when it is made.

Craft jewellers use the same method of production for all designs. The jewellers plan for the Jewellery business, But they don’t have much money to invest in these new technologies. However, the RVS Media service can help you, and manual production is still slower. This means that prices will have to go up to compensate for the lack of available production time, limiting “supply,” but a waiting list will be needed to keep “demand” strong.

Expert suggestions and views

For a successful business, the experts have to say, “keep the product’s originality.” No matter how expensive or antique your jewellery looks, you as a business owner need to tell the customer through your presentation that your jewellery is legit and there is nothing through which doubt can be raised.

According to RVS Media, you have to give a simple look that is easy to use for your customer/audience looking for the desired jewellery. Make the website simple and clear look and nothing messy in the website. 

If you sell a unique style of pieces, this will help you create a brand and if the audience likes itYou have to mention all the customisation details and product images so they can understand that things used in your custom piece are legit.

How To Sell Jewellery Online For Maximum Profit?

The market is upgrading day by day. To get maximum profit from your online jewellery website, you have to do many things. You can do it by yourself. Only the thing is that you have to know the process. So in this blog, you will learn about the process that eCommerce agency follow to skyrocket the profit of the eCommerce jewellery business..


Due to changes in styling and trends, the demand for those designs is increasing daily, adding to the customer’s wardrobe. You can keep these trends on your business website by simply being aware of the trends. Many bloggers and fashionistas are active with the latest trends. If your management team is following them, you can add those designs to your eCommerce website, which will keep you updated with the latest trends.

Finding Jewellery supplier

Today the eCommerce fashion industry faces only one issue while delivering the product to the customer, whether they are trustworthy or not. You may need a good supplier if you do not have your jewellery manufacturing. There are plenty of suppliers available in the market, but the challenging part is which one is trustworthy. You must analyse who a wholesaler, manufacturer, or drop shipper will be. This is one of the trickiest parts of How to Start a Jewellery business in the UK.

Create your store

Now, there is a need to create your jewellery store/niche. RVS Media’s website development team will help you get the answer to How to start a Jewellery business in the UK. If your store is well defined on the online market, it will stop the consumer only at one stop. As you see, many clothing brands have their business eCommerce site. This will help the consumers understand if the jewellery is right as per their choice.

Steps to Success in the jewellery industry

Choosing your area of expertise

People of all ages wear jewellery, but that doesn’t mean the company has to sell to everyone. A successful business model serves certain types of customers. It’s important to know what the company wants to do; only then can you understand the hierarchy of the business. The first step to making more in the jewellery business is finding out as much as possible about your customers.


The next step is to make a brand that will appeal to your target market. There are two parts to building a brand: the story the brand tells and how it looks, and brand stories are the key to writing creative statements.

Setting up a setting

Digitization has changed the way that markets work. Companies of all sizes use the RVS Media website development to spread the word about their brands and grow their businesses. Make a long-term business plan for the jewellery industry that includes a more engaging shopping experience.

Make some changes

Not all glitter is gold, but it still has a certain allure. Everything, from your website to the location of your stores, should look good and show what your brand is all about. Your online and offline stores look important for making a good first impression. The real answer tall the queries related to starting this business is to adapt to the changes and make changes.

Make a plan for your business to increase sales.

The main goal of a business is to make money; they always keep the question “How to maintain your clients to increase salesin mind. Customers will buy things they think are good deals, and it’s where the price question comes up. Pricing is a key part of a company’s sales strategy because it helps bring in new customers and keep old ones.

Market Analysis as per trending Jewellery

The gems and jewellery market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2% from 2022 to 2027. This is enough to ease your curiosity about Starting a Jewellery business in the UK. The COVID-19 pandemic has messed up the supply chain between countries, greatly affecting the gems and jewellery trade. Also, spending on watches and jewellery, clothing, accessories, and cosmetics went down in the beginning, when people started stocking up on necessities and staple foods worldwide. During the pandemic, a big player like Pandora had to close almost a third of its stores in China because its business there had stopped. About 10% of the company’s annual sales come from Hong Kong, China, and visitors. But after the pandemic lockdown restriction was lifted, many started to think.


After the pandemic, online stores are booming; instead of going to the shop, people choose to buy jewellery from online stores. Now there is no more barrier for any new startup or newcomer. Since the UK is known to maintain its classical tradition with the latest trends, there will be no more worry if RVS Media is there for those who have the mindset to sell the product in an eCommerce store.

To start this e-commerce, you need a clear mindset to become a hub or a bridge between the stores and customers. To manage the process, you must keep technology, human operations, and marketing strategy in the plan before starting the eCommerce website. Think like you are a digital store, and you don’t need to show yourself complicated but a simple store that will give the best jewellery at not much expensive cost.

Many fail to understand the business needs because they are in a hurry to sell the product instead of fulfilling the customer’s needs. The customer is the reality for a business like jewellery where trust runs the business only, not the amount of selling or discount.

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