How Much Is A 1 Carat Gem Worth?

1 Carat Gem Worth

Introduction to How much is a 1 carat gem worth?

All the gemstones are valued on their weight. The weight of gemstones is given in “carat”. Many times the gemstones are sold based on their pieces after cutting. But majority of the time the worth of a gem is calculated on the carat.

The cost of gemstones is complicated like their structure. Still today there is no fixed price decided, all the gemstones are sold on a average or on a negotiation price.

The price of a gemstones ‘A’ per carat can be totally different from a gemstones ‘B’. There are many factors that can influence the cost of it.

Trending shapes can also impact the price per carat of a gemstones. We recommend not to buy gemstones when they are in trend  because it increases their prices. And when the trend over the price gets low.

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Factors Impact the Cost of a Gemstone

There are many factors that can impact the price of a gem. The cost of a gemstone directly proportional to these factors. There is no cost range standard set for any gemstone. Here are some of the factors mentioned below.


Many gemstones on this earth are rare like sapphire, alexandrine, Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Spinel, and many others due to which their prices are higher than the others.

Not all the stones found at one place on the earth. Every country is famous for different kind of gems. Some Countries known for their high quality variety of gemstones and some known for quantity of gemstones in their lands.

So, the kind of gems variety sets a price range for a stone and which also helps the stone sellers to purchase or sale.


Colors plays a significant role in impacting 1 carat gem worth. Color is an important characteristic which attracts everybody.

A gemstones with intense and vivid colors are most likely to value more. Most of the time the stones are either too light or too dark. Hues, shades and tones are responsible in making a stones color more vivid. 


Clarity is consider as the third important factors in impacting a 1 carat gem worth. Stones which are clear and have no visible inclusions inside them.

Majority of the gems are found with Type II clarity which contains some flaws in their body. A clear stone is kind of a rare in nature. The brilliance of a stone is also impacted by the clarity of the stone.

Type I clarity gemstones are those which are totally clean from inside and have no inclusion inside them. The clarity of a gemstone is can only be viewed under the  jeweler’s loupe. So, now you know the more the clear the gem the higher it valued.

Note, it is true that some gemstones are accepted with their inclusions like emeralds and rubies.


Majority of the readers must have known this that the bigger the size of a stone the higher the value of it. In some cases, it is not true when the gemstone is rare in nature.

A diamond price increase with the increase per carat.The rarer quality stones like sapphire and rubies have more higher value with the increase in its size. 


A gemstone shape also impact the price of it, now you will ask how? So the answer is simple a gem is cut in the demanded sizes which increase its brilliance and impact the worth of it. For example, round shaped diamonds are more in demand and have more

Round shape is expensive because there is a greater loss of material while cutting any gemstones. There are also more cuts like fancy or fantasy which also have high value.

Emeralds are most popular in when they are cut shaped in fashioned cut. While the sapphire gemstone is widely popular in oval shape. The secret reason behind the popularity of their cuts is that they show best brilliance in these shapes.

Round and pear shapes are known as the premium shapes in the gemstones industry because lots of material wastage came from these.


Origin of a gemstones Is the lest important factors which affects the price of a gemstone until unless it is worn by any famous celebrities or queens or kings.

Some countries have high abundance of high quality gems in their lands like Burma, Colombia, Brazil which increase the price and sold on a premium prices.

The Last Words

Gemstones Universe are found under earth crust and which are not perfect. After mining of gemstones they are treated and cuts into a fine product. They are made into fine products to gain the maximum worth of them. So, keep in mind when you have u want to know How much is a 1 carat gem worth? Or someone else ask you. Always ask many distributors or brokers before buying a gemstones for you because there can be a huge difference in the cost per carat.

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