Christmas Candles- Significance and History


It’s well-known that various communities recognise Christmas in very diverse ways, each informed by its own set of customs and beliefs. Many people all around the world look forward to spending time with their loved ones during Christmas because the holiday inspires a spirit of joyous celebration. It’s fascinating to see how a custom, like lighting Christmas tree candles, can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Candles play an important role in many different Christmas celebrations across the world. Below, we’ll take a look at some of these celebrations and learn more about their history and origins.

Using Candles in Your Christmas Decorations

Candles were used to illuminate the balls on Christmas trees before the birth of electric lights. While the Christmas pillar candles and pine tree have only been a part of Christmas celebrations for the last few centuries, the concept of lights to illuminate the road to redemption (or nirvana, baqa’, samadhi, paradise, etc., in the dictionary of other faiths) goes back years before Jesus. It stands for the spiritual illumination that may be seen when the night has fallen.

The candle’s wax is a metaphor for the diversity of human appearance, personality, and taste. In many world religions, fire represents the soul or the animating life force.

According to ancient teachings, this trend of people devoting their lives to breaking the cycle of reincarnation began when they became exhausted from the pains of physical life. The spark inside them was ignited when they accepted rehabilitation to their original state (immortality, perfection, and pleasure).

Since the soul survives the body’s death, the ancients said, there’s nothing to be terrified of. Every single human will eventually die. A propensity to shield the body from death only invites misery.

As such, the candle represents the spiritual illumination that kills off base impulses. Because they are fleeting, temporary, and ultimately unsatisfying, the joys and needs of the physical world lose their allure for someone who prioritises the spiritual life. However, the fire will never go out.

That is where the trend of candles arrived. Now people lit all kinds of candles at festivals, and many brands like Artostyle have amazing collections of such candles.

Preparing Spaces for Holiday Celebrations through Decorating and Sharing Joy

During the 19th century in England, it was common practice for candlemakers and grocers to provide huge candles as promotional items. Those who received them would light them up and use them as Christmas decorations once inside their houses. Since then, candles like this have been a staple of holiday décor. Sharing a few colourful or gold candles with your visitors is a nice way to show them some hospitality and make them feel more at home. Candles are a popular and well-received gift throughout the holiday season.

Using Scent to Set a Romantic Mood

Scented candles are used by a subset of the population to provide pleasant aromas to their homes. This is a great addition to a formal or relaxed Christmas meal with loved ones. Candles scented with vanilla, cinnamon, fir tree, nutmeg, citrus, sweet, and other spices and smells evocative of the year’s most exciting seasons are available in mineral wax, soy wax, and rapeseed wax, or a combination of the three. With the help of scented red candles, you may express your love, optimism, and generosity to others.

Respecting a Number of Cultures

Candles were traditionally lit during ancient winter solstice ceremonies to mark the beginning of spring. For example, the Jewish people light candles for eight days in a row during a festival known as Hanukkah. It was a wintertime carnival that was all about the bright lights. In order to highlight the beauty of the candles, their sizes were placed in a certain pattern throughout these celebrations.

Candles were and still are a major part of the holiday season.  People love to buy colourful and decorative candles. From blue candles to yellow, golden and more, people love to explore when it comes holiday candles. The Christmas candles by Artostyle have a collection that can bring you the perfect cheerful holiday vibe. 

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