A Few Facts about Hair Transplant You Must Know

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Do you believe that your looks are constantly under scrutiny whenever you walk out of that front door? If you’re battling acne, facial wrinkles, varicose veins or hair loss, you might at times find it comforting to stay indoors for fear of being scrutinised. If you suffer from male pattern baldness and have tried out all other remedies and treatments, we can gladly say that there is another option. And it is hair transplantation.

If considering this type of hair restoration here are a few things you need to know about the popular approach.

Number 1: It is a Surgery

A hair transplant involves removing hair follicles from the back of the head either individually or as a strip. The individual hair follicles are directly implanted in the bald region whereas a strip is firstly dissected into single hairs which are inserted in the tiny incisions made in the recipient region. A hair transplant can aesthetically correct hair thinning or receded hairline and the outcomes depend on the surgeon’s skills.

Surgeons nowadays perform a variety of hair transplants that include scalp, beard, eyebrow and eyelash hair transplants.

Number 2: There are two Hair Transplant Technologies

These include FUE ‘Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT ‘Follicular Unit Transplantation. FUT is a traditional technique and requires a surgeon to cut a strip of hair from the donor region. The strip is dissected under a microscope to obtain individual hair follicles. A dressing will be applied to the wound and a patient will have to take prescribed pain killers to deal with the pain. On the other hand, FUE is minimally invasive since hair grafts are harvested individually and results in less scarring. Most patients prefer this hair transplantation approach.

Number 3: Being a Candidate

Your hair loss pattern must be stable and must have a grade of 3 and above according to the Norwood scale before undergoing a hair transplant. Your scalp laxity, hair colour, density, thickness and texture all matter before undergoing a hair transplant and for that, you must be examined by an experienced professional. A good hair density makes it easier for the surgeon to obtain optimal hair follicles for the surgery whereas the hair colour determines the contrast between your hair and the scalp.

Number 4: You are Your Donor

Sadly, no one can offer you hair follicles to undergo the surgery in case yours are limited. For that matter, it is essential to take care of your hair loss to ensure that you remain with abundant and strong hair follicles for the surgery.

Number 5: You Might Require More Sessions or another Hair Transplant

Patients with extended hair loss will require at least 2 or more hair transplant sessions to fully cover the bald region. You might also require another hair transplant surgery in the future depending on the time you’ve had your surgery. Hair loss is a progressive condition and results often change after years which mean you will have to top up. We hope that you have got some vital ideas about hair transplantation and if you want to consult a specialist in a modern hair transplant clinic, then visit London Hair & Cosmetic Surgical Centre. We have senior cosmetic surgeons and doctors who can help you restore your looks with customised hair transplant surgery. We also provide an array of cosmetic treatments such as varicose vein treatment, cysts and mole treatments.

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