4 Best Ways To Convert OST to PST Without Outlook

Convert OST to PST Without Outlook


Every one of us checks that the emails and other data that include our personal and official information are well protected. In this case, the first name which comes to our mind is Microsoft Outlook works great because it protects your database from all third parties like Spam and hackers. But, as you know, Microsoft Outlook allows you to save your confidential data in two file formats, OST and PST. 

But, at times users need to convert their OST file to PST to migrate the data from one mail client to a different mail client or to create a backup of OST files. Now, one question arises in your mind. Is the PST file better than the OST file? If you want to share your Outlook email. Then, a PST file is the best because it is best for sharing and backup purposes.  

In this article, we cover all the reasons to convert OST to PST format without Outlook, how to perform it, and also tell you about the best OST to PST converter. So, sit back and relax because now you’re going to be an expert in converting OST to PST format.  

Why do we need to convert the Outlook OST file to PST without Outlook? 

There are many reasons why users want to convert OST to PST format. Some of the reasons are;

  • Unexceptional crash of MS- exchange server: Due to virus attack, Third-party software, Power supply failure, or many other reasons increase the chances of crashing an MS-exchange server. Due to this, users can’t connect to your MS-exchange server. This situation is very challenging for the users because it shows the number of error messages. 
  • Exchange Server Downtime: Due to downtime just because the server is under maintenance. You can not access lost and corrupt mailbox data. 
  • Data Transfer: The user/organization faces a problem because they can’t migrate the data from one system to another device. That creates a problem for them.
  •  Fortuitous deletion of exchange server account: In case you lost your data due to unexpected deletion of the exchange server account. In that case, you can easily access your data just by converting OST to PST. 

So, these are some reasons to convert OST to PST. Now, let’s move to the methods to convert OST files to PST manually. 

There are four ways to convert OST files into PST. One by One, I will explain to you every step. You can choose any of them to convert OST to PST format. 

 Free Methods to convert OST files to PST 


Import-export tool method:

  •  Open MS- Outlook System on your computer. 
  • Then go to the File tab and hit Import and Export.
  • Now Export to a file and click on Next.
  • Then select Personal Folder File(.pst) and hit the next button
  • Select your folder or emails and enable the Include Subfolder
  • Now browse and select the target folder and hit the finish button.


Drag and Drop Practice:

Microsoft Outlook offers a drag-and-drop facility that enables users to create a new PST file. Once a new PST file is formed. Then you just need to drag and drop your folders and save them. It helps to move OST mailbox items into new PST file formats. 

  • Start your Microsoft Outlook in your system.
  • Then create a new PST file in your Microsoft Outlook profile.
  • Now give a name to your PST file and also confirm the storage location of this mailbox to save the PST file. 
  • Now hit the Finish button.


Archive Method

  • Open Microsoft Outlook in your system.
  • Hit the File option and go to the Archive Option.
  • After this, pick out the file/folder you want to archive.
  • Now determine the location to save the PST file format. 
  • Then hit the Finish button.

So, we discussed the manual method to convert OST to PST format for free. But there are some downsides to the manual method. 

  • You can’t convert multiple OST files at the same time.
  • It requires technical knowledge to convert OST to PST format.
  • Your Microsoft Outlook should be running.
  • There is a chance of data loss. 
  • You can not export large OST files. 

Here, we discuss the downfall of manual methods. It’s time to discuss the professional way to convert OST to PST with the best OST to PST converter.

Professional Method to convert OST to PST file

Aryson OST to PST converter is a professional tool to convert OST to PST. This utility allows you to convert OST files into your desired format like PST, HTML, MHTML, TIFF, JPEG, PDF, etc. This tool transfers the OST files to multiple mail clients like Thunderbird, Outlook 365, Gmail, etc.

With the help of this professional tool, you can convert single and multiple OST files at once.  Moreover, the Free version of this tool helps its users to convert OST to PST file format 50 items per folder. 

Let’s see the working of the OST to PST converter tool:

Step 01: Download and Run “OST to PST converter” and select single/multiple files.

Step 02: New screen will appear. Now select the OST file to convert into PST and click the open button at the bottom. 

Step 03:  Hit the Next button to start the scanning process.

Step 04: Now select the “folder” to “preview” from a tree-like structure to preview email content and attachments and hit the next button. 

Step 05: Select the “PST” file format from the drop-down menu to migrate Exchange data to PST.

Step 06: Enter your “Start Date” and “End Date” to choose the specific mailboxes. 

Step 07: Select the location to save your converted files and hit the open button. 

In a Nutshell

So, let’s take a summary of this article. First, we understand the need to convert OST to PST and also tell about the manual to convert OST to PST file format. 
After that, we also discuss the downside of the manual method. Moreover, you can also download the Aryson OST to PST converter. You can also try the demo version of this tool before purchasing.

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