10 Fabulous Gardening Facts Everyone Should Know

10 Fabulous Gardening

Gardening is a favorite and rewarding activity for many people with a yard. As you take up gardening as a hobby or career, certain secrets will help you grow a beautiful, healthy garden. Apart from the skill and dedication, some fun facts about your garden can help you maintain it easily. We have ten exciting facts you likely didn’t know about your garden.  

Gardening can boost your brain.

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Since gardening happens outdoors, it can significantly improve your life—people who regularly garden lower their risk of dementia and experience better. You also get physical benefits when you dig, pull the weed, and plant in your garden. It can help strengthen your hands, which is especially important for seniors. Similarly, gardening can help boost your mood. Tending plants can help the brain produce serotonin, which is a chemical that combat depression. 

Cannabis can reach 13 feet high.

Cannabis growth is made up of several stages, with the growth rate varying depending on the variety. For example, the Sherbet weed takes nine weeks to flower and can reach as high as 13 feet. This is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain ideal for outdoor production with hot days and warm nights. 

Orchids don’t need soil to grow.

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Vanilla bean comes from an orchid, an elegant and beautiful plant that grows well in water. However, did you know these orchids can germinate without soil? These are naturally air plants, meaning they root in little soil. These plants get most of what they need from the air, which is why they love humidity more than the soil. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about soil maintenance and watering when planting these plants.

Your favorite fruits are in the rose family.

Apples, peaches, pears, cherries, strawberries, and raspberries belong to the rose family. This Rosacea family is made up of 2,830 species of plants. It is the most significant contributor to ornamental plants, with the most popular members being roses. The trees that bear fruit in a rose family include apples, apricot, berries, and pears. They are at the high end of the plant kingdom and need regular maintenance to grow. They also give off a sweet fragrance associated with roses.

Strawberry has seeds on the outside.

Strawberry is the only fruit in the world with seeds on the outside and not inside. The average strawberry fruit has 200 seeds that grow from the outside. When the strawberry flower is pollinated, the fruit doesn’t swear. Instead, the fertilized ovaries in the flower form separate small dry fruits on the outside, each containing a single seed. 

Tulips were once more valuable than gold.

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Tulips were so valuable in Holland during the 1600s that their bulbs were worth more than gold. This craze called Tulipomania caused the crash of the Dutch economy. They were once used as money in their own right, with people using a handful of bulbs to purchase properties.  Also, did you know tulips can grow as much as an inch per day after being cut?

Bamboo is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world.

These plants can grow up to 35 inches per day, with the Chinese Moso bamboo capable of growing a meter in a single day. It is a colony plant that uses its energy to expand its roots and grow more shoots. They also grow with constant diameter and don’t waste energy growing rings that can thicken the stack. Bamboo is just a single stick growing straight up, and you can plant it in your garden.

Plants respond to sound.

You can talk to plants to help them grow. Studies have shown that plants respond to the carbon dioxide produced by human speech. If you speak to your plants for at least several hours a day, you can enhance photosynthesis enough to influence plant growth. Talking to your plants will promote growth since they respond to sound. While the ideal conditions for growth are still temperature, water, and nutrition, sound can still play an important role. 

A sunflower has many individual flowers.

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A mature and blooming sunflower is a composite flower since it has many small individual flowers in each head. These flowers are arranged in two opposite helixes that begin at the center of the flowering head. These individual florets align from the center at an acute angle to guarantee the closest possible alignment of seeds on the flowering head. There are between 1000 and 2000 unique flowers held together on a single stalk. Each floret matures progressively from the outside of the disk to the center.

Onions contain sulfuric compounds.

Sulfuric compounds in onions make our eyes watery when you cut them. Onions form these sulfuric compounds through an enzymatic reaction when cut or crushed. These compounds have significant health benefits. They can protect against cancer, help lower blood sugar, and reduce unhealthy cholesterol in the body. However, the pungent smell of raw onions is caused by higher levels of sulfur compounds. You can mitigate this problem by chilling the onion and cutting the root end last.

Bottom Line

Understanding the history and science behind gardening can make your experience fun. This information will help you handle and maintain a new harden and put you on the right track. The gardening facts will help you see the beauty of gardening and why it’s a popular hobby. They can expand your mind.

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