10 Best AnyDesk Alternatives and Competitors: 2023 Update

best AnyDesk Alternatives

The growing adoption of work-from-home practices has increased the demand for remote desktop software that offers real-time access to business data. As per the Fortune Business Insights, the global Remote Desktop Software Market, which now stands at $2.83 billion in 2023, will grow to $9.27 billion by 2030, exhibiting an 18.45% CAGR.

With more than 500 million users AnyDesk, the cloud-based remote desktop software connects teams; collaborates on projects; shares files, and performs various other tasks. 

Nevertheless, poor ratings of its Android app and its file transfer facility, a boon for scammers, have led users to look for AnyDesk alternatives. So, here’s a list of the 10 best AnyDesk alternatives ideal for all businesses and individuals:

1. Splashtop

With the best features and tools for business owners, Splashtop is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to AnyDesk. It offers high-resolution screen sharing support up to 4k@40fps along with several enterprise-grade solutions for remote support, multiuser collaborations, online chat, and scheduled remote control of machines. 

Recognized by TrustRadius as the leader in remote support and access 2023, Splashtop uses robust SSL, advanced real-time intrusion detection systems, and firewalls to ensure safe remote control of machines.

Also recognized for the best relationship, value, feature set, and software, Splashtop records and saves remote access and screen-sharing sessions locally on a device. Its custom build solutions perfectly suit industries’ specific requirements, such as IoT, healthcare, and education. 

With support for macOS, Windows, Android, Chromebook, and iOS platforms, Splashtop allows effortless multi-directional large file transfers and offers a feature-rich API to integrate different services and apps. Though Splashtop and AnyDesk roughly have the same functionality, the former’s plans are more affordable with better customizability for all features.

2. Iperius Remote Desktop

This AnyDesk alternative comes with some of the most significant benefits for commercial use. With performance up to 60 FPS and end-to-end encryption technology, Iperius offers all critical attributes for remote support, like remote printing; session logging; unattended access; custom client, and unlimited address book. 

With it, you can remote control Android devices and remote desktops from Android to Mac or Windows. Other exclusive Iperius features include a user-friendly interface, video recording of sessions, and multi-monitor support.

3. GoToMyPC

A free-to-use, open-source remote support software, GoToMyPC features a simple setup procedure perfect for every individual or business. Larger businesses can also host this software as a custom implementation for particular use cases on their servers. 

Supporting platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, this software allows users to access usage logs and historical data effortlessly. It also enables users to revoke, manage and provide permissions for several users quickly.

4. RemotePC

Considered the best AnyDesk alternative for the widest assortment of supported devices, RemotePC performs different tasks, such as organizing group discussions and conferences with tools like Whiteboard for annotations. You can also receive and send large files and documents with easy drag-and-drop functionality across all devices. 

With enterprise-grade support for remotely running security scans, data recovery, and cloud backups, RemotePC is far better in specifications than AnyDesk. Its advanced API lets you integrate the software into your workflow easily, while 256-bit encryption keeps online activities secure and private.

5. TeamViewer

Perfect AnyDesk alternative for multiuser online collaborations, TeamViewer supports varied functions, such as remote access and remote printing potentials, and session recording support. The Remote Terminal feature of this software lets users execute system-level commands by giving them access to their operating system’s command line. 

With features like remote screenshots and live chat for simple multi-user collaborations, TeamViewer is one of the best AnyDesk replacements. You can use it to manage, invite or remove multiple users for accessing several machines remotely simultaneously or use its flexible file-sharing options to transfer large files in a remote environment securely.

6. ZohoAssist

Perfect for privacy-friendly and secure screen sharing, ZohoAssist offers easy multi-user management. Its video and voice chat will help you communicate better while remote access and does not require installation to start remote access sessions. 

ZohoAssist’s advanced API and several 3rd party in-built integrations let you work efficiently with your technology stack. The drag-and-drop features make file sharing easy for multiple users.

7. Microsoft Remote Desktop

With remote access and screen-sharing support for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, this software automatically adjusts resolutions and scales up or down per network speed. And above all, it offers good performance even on slow internet connections, coupled with improved security. 

Features like encrypted connections and security protocols ensure top-level security when accessing devices, and in-built API creates custom functionality with devices.

8. Chrome Remote Desktop

For remote access without any 3rd party installations, choose Chrome Remote Desktop, the AnyDesk alternative that lets you configure another remote desktop with perfect SSH support. The software uses an advanced algorithm to adjust video quality dynamically while maintaining low latency during screen-sharing sessions. 

You can use its in-built chat support to communicate through text while accessing devices remotely.

9. ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

Use this AnyDesk alternative to rescue, manage and access your endpoints like never before while keeping unlimited endpoints at your fingertips with its robust, built-in troubleshooting and remote access functionalities. Unattended remote sessions, quick diagnostic tools for endpoint troubleshooting, password-protected screen recording, and advanced customizations make this software the ultimate AnyDesk alternative.

10. Parallels Access

Parallels Access is the right choice if you want any AnyDesk alternative that establishes remote access from mobile devices. With an exclusive and user-friendly mobile user interface, this software supports iPad multitasking and full-screen applications, like S Pen.

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That’s it! Hopefully, this list of the 10 best AnyDesk alternatives will help you save time choosing the right solution with an impressive range of intuitive and powerful capabilities, suitable for both experienced pros and beginners.

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