What Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud and The Benefits of Using It?

salesforce marketing cloud

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC)? It is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform explicitly tailored toward marketers’ needs, which predominantly entails digital marketing automation. Email, mobile, social media, website personalization, advertising, content production, content management, and data analysis are just a few areas that the Marketing Cloud covers.

The built-in predictive analytics of the software helps determine, for example, which communication channel is best suited for a particular message. Marketers can now better cater their efforts to individual customers by using a tool called Journey Builder, which considers client data such as demographics, interests, and preferred contact methods.

What are the Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 

Initiating activities based on events, such as sending a welcome message or updating a customer’s contact record based on their participation in a loyalty program, is what Marketing Cloud is all about. Connectivity between the Marketing Cloud, the Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud at Forcetalks.com allows for coordinated efforts that result in a seamless customer experience and eliminate the need for customers to deal with several marketing teams.

Forcetalks.com is one of the best salesforce marketing cloud consultants to help your company or organization grow its customer relations. As a consultant, we understand that your need to grow stems from a good relationship developed with customers.

That is why we endear to offer the following to our customers;

i) We support the expansion and productivity of your firm.

ii) We also deliver innovative solutions for your company’s sales, service, and marketing channels through a combination of cutting-edge business and technology services.

iii) To help our clients succeed in the era of cloud-based Infrastructure, Platform, and Software services, we also assist them in getting the most out of their Salesforce investments with predictable results.

iv) We strive to provide professional, tailor-made Salesforce solutions to improve customer service and propel your company to tenfold growth.

Moreover, we walk our customers through the adoption of Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions, so they reap the following benefits.

1. The Ability to Integrate

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s comprehensive integration options, you may get information from a wide range of sources (another factor in why the data management features are so valuable). SFMC provides several application programming interfaces (APIs), including a REST API and a SOAP API, and the standard connection to Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud (through Marketing Cloud Connect). These APIs are typically used for tasks like importing content, setting up triggered sends, and enhancing your existing contact information in SFMC.

2. Management of Data 

Marketing Cloud employs data extensions (a table) that may be linked together to make a relational database, and SQL is used for this purpose. Compared to competing platforms, such as those that only support a limited data model due to the data they can import and manage, SFMC’s flexibility to store different types of data and construct your data model is a significant plus. That is significant because it paves the way for more sophisticated audience construction and segmentation within SFMC.

3. Allows for Third-Party Applications

You may extend the functionality of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and tailor it to your unique company needs with the help of a wide variety of third-party applications, many of which can be found on the Salesforce AppExchange. The AppExchange is the SFMC equivalent of the iTunes or Google Play stores (and other Salesforce Clouds).

In addition to the AppExchange, many additional Salesforce partner products interface with SFMC to expand its capabilities and value.

4. Making use of AI in Practice

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Among the many innovative uses of Salesforce’s “Einstein” artificial intelligence platform within SFMC are: 

  1. Using a score of potential recipients’ engagement with sent messages
  2. Engagement frequency to know how often you should contact someone to maximize your chances of getting a response.
  3. Sent time optimization to determine when to send a message to maximize its chances of being read. 
  4. It helps to understand your customer-base better.

Data and your marketing procedures are brought together in Marketing Cloud for optimization. Never wonder what is or isn’t working because you will always be kept in the loop. Detailed consumer information is graphically shown so you may make informed business decisions.

  1. Develop a specific plan for each of your customers.
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Marketing Cloud’s ability to tailor every interaction to each customer speeds them along their paths to success. “A lifetime of brand experience” is how Salesforce defines the customer journey. For this reason, it’s crucial to tailor your brand’s initial interactions with potential customers and maintain that level of customization in the future by using Marketing Cloud’s features and data.

Final Thought

Over the past four decades, companies have made more significant attempts to improve salesforce effectiveness and efficiency as the cost-per-call and the number of calls needed to make a transaction have increased. Therefore, an effective Salesforce Marketing Cloud is paramount to ensuring that your company meets the demands. Starting on your own is usually a hurdle. However, you can make a smooth adoption with the help of a competent Salesforce Marketing Consultant like forcetalks.com. 

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