What is An Academic Transcript: Know how to get Transcripts Certificate

academic transcript

When applying to institutions abroad, you’ll need a lot of evidence to back up your application. The transcript of records is one of these documents. When you’re dealing with a large number of documents, you might consider what academic transcripts are and how to get transcripts certificates, as well as how they differ from marksheets, certificates, degrees, and diplomas. Transcripts of records are official documents that contain information on a student’s personal information, educational institution information, and course information. Students frequently confuse an academic transcript with a marksheet or other credentials.

What is an academic transcript?

If not transcripts, you must have heard of marksheets, report cards, academic certificates, records of achievements, grade cards, and so on during your academic career. This is comparable to what an academic transcript looks like.

Academic transcripts are official academic documents that contain information on the subjects studied, as well as grades and marks received in each subject, as well as comments. Institutions are looking for the same information in your course transcript, no matter what word you use. Transcripts of records also include information about the student, the institution, the course, the subjects, and the grading system, all of which are critical for admissions evaluation.

What is a scholastic full report in India?

Let us clarify what an academic transcript in India. In India, educational transcripts go by a variety of names, some of which are listed here:

  • Marksheets
  • Academic Certificate
  • Statement of Learning
  • Cumulative Record File (CRF)
  • Record of Achievement
  • Transcript of Records (TOR)
  • Grade Card
  • Diploma Supplement
  • Report Card
  • Mark List

The information mentioned on the Record of Achievement

Let’s take a look at what the transcript looks like and what information it contains:

  • Institution name
  • Institution address, city, state, and country
  • Address of the institution
  • Accreditation held by the institution
  • Name of the student
  • Unique student ID number
  • Name of the student’s parent
  • Date of birth of the student
  • Name of degree earned
  • List of subjects taken
  • Duration of the course
  • Date and year of graduation
  • Consolidated marks or grades earned in the course

Why is a record of transcript required?

Before we go into how to receive a transcript certificate, let’s look at why a transcript of records is required:

  • Excerpts provide accurate information about a student’s academic career
  • It often provides information on the grading scale, which varies greatly between countries
  • These are used by universities to adapt your results to their educational system and process them for admissions

Different grade cards for different courses

If you understand what a diploma supplement is, you won’t have to worry about providing the correct paperwork to universities for various courses. Because institutions make it very clear what they expect, which is usually papers from the most current qualifications obtained. Now that we’ve covered why a statement of learning is required, let’s look at which statements are required for which courses:

  • To apply for an undergraduate program such as a bachelor’s degree, diploma, or certificate, you must submit a high school degree that reflects your academic results from secondary school
  • If you want to apply for graduate degrees such as a master’s degree or a graduate diploma, you’ll need certificates from your previous institution or university

Ways to get a Cumulative Record File (CRF)

Educational reports are only deemed official if they bear the institution, college, or university’s official signature, stamp, or seal. As a result, you can obtain an academic record from the college or university where you completed your studies, in case you have shifted yourself to a foreign country an NRI Consultant can help you get this. Students are notified when the institution releases this and are instructed to pick them up at the institution.

If you’re wondering how to send a certified copy to institutions, there are several options available depending on the country to which you’re applying. It can be emailed to colleges through permitted means, uploaded online through the university’s website, or mailed to universities.

Documents required for the process

  • Completed application form and application fee
  • Backlog certificate
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letters of recommendation
  • CV
  • Personal essay
  • Copy of passport
  • Financial documents

Difference between Record of achievement and Marksheet

In India, records of achievement are commonly referred to marksheets. The difference between a record and a consolidated scorecard is that you may have multiple marksheets for various years of study, but all of the information from these mark sheets is represented in a record of achievement together with grading scale information. Marksheets and a final degree record are required to complete a transcript of records.


After going through the article, based on what academic transcripts are and how to get transcripts certificates, you would be able to tell the difference between official and unofficial transcripts, look for a few key facts. Official transcripts are signed by an administration officer, stamped by the institution, and sent in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution. Unofficial transcripts are photocopies of official transcripts that include all information except the official stamp and signature.

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