Top 5 Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Kids

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Kids

The egg hunt is one of the most cherished Easter traditions, but it doesn’t have to be the same yearly. Try one of these inventive Easter egg hunt ideas this year, whether you’re planning an indoor, backyard, or neighbourhood hunt.

While there are many strategies to make your Easter egg search more pleasurable, age is one of the most crucial factors. Older kids will appreciate hunts involving various Easter games, like a relay race or tag, as well as tricky scavenger clues that lead to their Easter baskets, eggs filled with coupons delivering desirable benefits, or eggs filled with benefits-offering coupons. For teens, a nighttime glow-in-the-dark hunt will advance the adventure.

Have a rookie on the field? Easter bunny tracks, whimsical signs, or even helium balloons tied to each egg are all excellent Easter egg hunt ideas for toddlers who may require extra assistance. Next year, try increasing the difficulty with a colour-matching or counting activity.

You’ll indeed find a fantastic Easter egg hunt idea here for whoever you’re planning an Easter egg hunt for. Prepare to hunt.


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Colour identification is a way to incorporate learning into an Easter egg hunt. Paint the buckets the same colour as the plastic eggs and have the kids match them. Even if older children do not need assistance learning their colours, they will enjoy this Easter activity.

2. Scrambled Easter Egg Hunt

Choose larger prizes and print their names on a sheet of paper (e.g., Movie Night), with each prize printed in a different egg colour.

Cut out each letter from the prizes and place one in each egg you hide.

Create a poster with matching-coloured blank spaces for each letter in each prize so that children can see how many letters are in each prize.

Allow children to search for eggs until they have found all the letters for a specific prize, at which point they will win! They can also continue searching if they want to look for something else.

3. Blind Folded Easter Egg Hunt

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This one involves the entire family! Divide into two teams of one child and one adult.

Place the adult in front of the child while blindfolded. The child must lead the blindfolded adult out to look for Easter eggs when you say go. The child must remain where they are and only direct the adults from across the yard.

The adult and child can share any eggs the adult collects! If you do this, do not hide them so children can see where to direct adults.

4. Perfect Patterns Egg Hunt

Before the race, purchase eggs with specific patterns or designs and colours (e.g., pink polka dotted, striped, glittery), then hide the eggs and devise a pattern for the game.

For example, you must find eggs in the order of the colours in a rainbow (green, red, yellow, orange, blue, violet). Or they must find striped, solid, striped, and so on.

Every time they find an egg, they must return it and search for the next egg in the pattern.

They are rewarded with a larger prize once they find all the eggs in the correct pattern.

5. Golden Ticket Easter Egg Hunt

Have a Willy Wonka-themed Easter Egg hunt by hiding a golden ticket in one egg for each of your children; if you have three children, you will have three eggs with golden tickets inside. Tell your children that there is only one golden ticket.

If your children aren’t the “open as I find it” type, you can put a gold star or something on the outside of the egg to let them know when they find a golden ticket egg. You could also do golden eggs!

When they find a golden ticket, they can exchange it for a larger prize immediately (or after the hunt).


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Easter Egg Relay Race

Divide your children into teams. When you say go, send the first child from each team to find an egg. They return after finding an egg and tag the next teammate who has to find an egg.

Repeat until one team finds a certain number of eggs (e.g., 20) as a group.

You can also do this with younger children; ensure they understand they can only find one egg and return it.

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

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Create clues that will send your children around the house looking for the next location where they will find a clue (e.g., Run fast, use your legs, this is where we keep the eggs). If you don’t have time to write them, use this printable treasure hunt instead!

Hide the clues in eggs and label each with a number,so they don’t miss one while searching. Make the clues lead to a larger prize at the end, either one for each child or one for everyone to share.

Or skip the egg part and do this Easter scavenger hunt instead!


So, with these Easter egg hunt ideas, you can use your crafting and gaming skills. Easter activities are available for players of all ages, including toddlers, older children, and adults! For example, there are several scavenger hunt games for kids to play in their backyard. Adults can play the game that fills the eggs with fun recipes! With so many options, all you have to do is put on some Easter music and start playing! Have extra Easter candy on hand to fill the eggs. Alternatively, you could fill your Easter baskets with Easter jokes, clues, or cash instead of candy! These inventive Easter egg hunt ideas will delight every bunny.

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