The Different Aspects To Evaluate Before Buying Two Way Radios

Two way radios

Are you in need of two way radios? Have you ever bought them, used them, and are now in need of a replacement? Are you a first-time buyer and currently need help before making a choice? Please read on.

Two way radios have become highly essential in certain sectors and during different activities such as camping, mountain climbing and other outdoor events. More so, these devices are also part of us in homes and educational institutions. If you’re planning to buy two way radios or what we call walkie talkies, you definitely need a guide to make a perfect decision on what to buy and here it is.

What is a Two Way Radios?

A two way radio is a communication device like a mobile phone but works differently. Unlike a mobile phone, two way radios require one individual to speak at a time using a push to talk (PTT) button that allows the message to be delivered without interference. Unlike phones, two way radios allow instant communication since they don’t require dialling a number or ringing.

Due to the advancement in technology, the world now enjoys better options like digital two way radios which are feature-rich and highly reliable in all conditions. But what else must you know before you buy two way radios;

The Brand

There are quite many two way radio brands you will come across on the market such as Kenwood, Motorola, Entel, Hytera, Mitex, Icom among others. It’s best to buy a branded two way radio to help you access accessories in the future such as batteries. Branded two way radios are also durable and highly reliable.

Analogue or Digital

Analogue options are a traditional type of two way radios and come with standard features such as scanning, push-to-talk, and limited encryption options. Digital two way radios come with an added advantage such as longer battery life, high-quality audio, and are even reliable in harsh weather conditions.


Do you need a two way radio for business or security purposes i.e within the same building, for your kids’ games, or in risky zones? Some two way radios come with a limited range whereas others with an unlimited range. You also need to consider if there are no, many or few obstacles within the area of use.

You must also take note of the available frequencies that include VHF and UHF. VHF has a longer wavelength and delivers a better range per watt of energy, however, requires minimal obstacles. UHF penetrates solid obstacles, but may not be the best option depending on your needs and it’s best to seek help if you have to choose between VHF and UHF.

For long range and seamless communication, Motorola two way radios are an ideal option and at Radiotronics, we offer a wide range of Motorola solutions to simplify your search and meet your needs perfectly. 

Licenced Vs Licence-Exempt

Should I go with licence- exempt or licenced two way radios? If you’re choosing two way radios for your children or team within a small building, then licence-exempt two way radios is the answer. However, if you work within large buildings or are involved in risky activities within risky zones, then licenced two way radios are a better option. Licenced two way radios are more robust, have extended battery life and come with emergency features such as man down options.

Availability of Accessories

Users can easily find accessories for branded two way radios whenever the need arises, however, in case the two way radio is unbranded, it might be complicated to find the accessories or quality ones in the future.

Battery Type & Related Features

Consider the areas you will work in and make the right decision when picking batteries. Some radios are powered by rechargeable batteries which allow flexibility for some users; other radios have a display or non-display models, Bluetooth, emergency features like Man Down, Lone Worker etc.

Have trouble finding the right two way radio type or bundle for your team? Visit Radiotronics’s official website and learn more about two way radios and the available solutions. 

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