Must-Have Features of eCommerce Websites

eCommerce Website

Are you leaning toward setting up an eCommerce store? Or exploring ways and means to enhance the functionality of your store? The E-commerce business is expanding too fast. But not all of them can make huge profits. There are myriad factors that help your business to grow.

In this blog, we will suggest some features that you can add to your business. It doesn’t only depend on the quality of products but also the marketing strategy and many more. We will list the must-have features for a successful business. One must look up to these features if they are running an online business.

Innovative Search Function and Filtering

The search filters are one of the top features of an eCommerce website. Further, it enables people to get their desired products. The filter process eases and fastens their search process. Add different options based on the product type.

With its help, people will get to see the products of their interest. Further, it makes your website more suitable. It also saves time as they can skip the products they don’t need. And focus on those pages and products in which they are interested.

A User-Friendly Menu

The ticket to the success of any eCommerce website is website navigation. It needs to be clear-cut and user-friendly. Try to create a simple-to-use navigation system. So your customers don’t have to struggle while surfing the website. If people can’t locate their desired product, they won’t stay that long. Further, the chances of them shopping more will go down.

An easy-to-operate navigation feature helps in increasing sales. Also, it aids in keeping the customers. The organized classes and categories enhance the navigation experience. Hence, try to update the products in categories. You can classify them according to the brands or groups.

Top-Quality Pictures

The pictures and graphics engage people more than anything else. If you own good quality products but don’t have a great shot of them, no one will like to have a look. It won’t be worth it if the pictures look bad. The high-quality images allow customers to trust the brand.

Many customers judge the products on the visual design and image quality. And most of them rely on image quality to make their purchase decision. Therefore, you must have eye-catching and good-quality photos. Also, ensure that the visual add-ons don’t make your website slow.

Product Reviews

The reviews and ratings are eCommerce website designs that enhance customer loyalty. Also, it provides social proof to the shoppers about the product. People will have a clear vision of the product. Also, they get to know if it is what they need.

However, you can also get negative reviews. But, the positive ones are going to hide the disadvantages. Furthermore, the reviews add keywords to your online business. It improves your SEO (search engine optimization), which is an essential component of an eCommerce website.

Magento Features and Review

Magento is a highly potent eCommerce platform. In addition, Adobe owns this eCommerce website. It allows people to connect with their customers and trade products. There is various magneto development agency in the UK. Yet, it needs expert knowledge to influence advanced SEO features.

But, those features need to be user-oriented to become a great eCommerce platform. To access those facilities, you have to pay a bit more. The website is more customizable and scalable. Also, it is highly SEO-friendly. You should hire a developer if you wish to build an eCommerce website on Magneto. Hence, you can search for the best magneto eCommerce agency.

Trouble-Free Return and Exchange Policy

If you want to increase consumer confidence, have a generous return policy. It will assure your customers that they are choosing the right website. Provide clear instructions about the return and exchange process. A lot of times, people do not shop due to those troublesome return policies. Make sure that the return and exchange policy is smooth.

FAQ for Products

Adding a section of frequently asked questions can improve the quality of your website. People always opt for FAQs where they can get answers to their queries. It helps in increasing the number of your sales. Also, it saves time for your customer service. They won’t have to describe the products again and again.

The customers can get their answers before emailing and calling. You can add a few questions like

  • How can I switch my shipping address?
  • What kind of customer service do you provide?
  • What are the payment methods accessible?
  • How can I trace my order(s)?
  • What if my order is lost or damaged?
  • How do I cancel my order(s)?

Mobile Apps

A mobile app for your store will be more convenient for your customers. So, they can purchase the products from any device. It is the best way to promote your website and increase your sales. People use their smart devices most of the time. Many websites already have their apps. So, you must have a mobile-friendly store for your customers.

When people will have it on their devices, your brand will be on their minds. Also, you don’t have to wait for people to get updates about your websites. Or, you don’t need to wait that people will open up their browser or email to get the latest updates. You can send them notifications about promotional updates.

Order Tracking

The feature of tracking the order is what a successful website must have. Whenever people place an order, they are eager to know when it will arrive. This feature allows the customer to trace their order. They will be aware of their order status.

Secure Payment Options

The payment options are one of the initial features of an eCommerce website. A trustworthy website needs to have a secure payment gateway. Moreover, you can have Braintree, Stripe, PayPal etc. Make certain that you offer a list of various payment options. So, the customer can opt for one according to their preference.

Nowadays, mobile payments are also getting very popular. So, you should try to have some kind of mobile payment method. As a result, people who will be comfortable with mobile payments can make use of them. Hence, adding Google pay and Apple pay can be a great idea.


The features are not restricted to these only. You can add more as per your need and budget. Despite that, these features will help you with your eCommerce business. Additionally, whatever you add up to your business make sure it is easy to understand. The features you add should offer value to the customer. When you are ready to enter the eCommerce business, get in touch with a reputable agency. They will provide you with the best solution for your business requirements.

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