Learn How To Navigate To The Closest Grocery Store

navigate to the grocery store

The growth of eCommerce has brought the grocery store to your palm and doorstep, but there are times when that just won’t cut it. It could be due to an item’s lack of availability, an unacceptable delay in delivery, or high delivery costs. But, time and again, the need to visit the closest grocery store pops up.

However, this once-routine task is not as simple anymore. Many stores closed down during the pandemic and many new ones opened. Finding the grocery store closest to you, determining a route, assessing traffic, finding parking, or looking for commute options on that way- all these are problems that can be solved with this blog.

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Here are 4 ways you can use to navigate to the closest grocery store of your choice without any hassle.

Method 1: Using navigation apps

“Unless you’re living under a rock…” used to be a valid saying to someone who isn’t familiar with something obvious. But that won’t work today because smartphones can receive GPS signals even if you’re under a rock. And it’s those signals, combined with a navigation app (like Google Maps or Apple Maps), that will get you to that grocery store close by.

Many apps can help you with this, with the most prominent one being Google Maps. Here’s how to use the Google Maps app or its web version to reach your closest grocery store:

  1. If your phone doesn’t have Google Maps installed already, head over to your app store and enter its name in the search bar at the top. Search and install the app once it appears on your phone screen.
  • After installation, select the app to open it. You will be greeted with a request to give it permissions like Location, and it may also ask you to register with your Google ID. Complete those tasks as instructed.
  • If you’ve turned on the GPS option on your phone, the app should show your location with a blue dot over the background of your area.
  • Search for the closest grocery store by entering those words into the search bar at the top, similar to how you searched for the app in the app store. It will take a few seconds, depending on your connectivity speed. You’ll see all the Grocery stores pop up with red pins.
  • If you want exact directions to a particular Grocery store, then select one of the pins and press the “Directions” button at the bottom. You’ll be led to a new page with turn-by-turn navigation instructions showing the route from your present location to that store.
  • You can enable voice-assisted navigation by simply pressing the “Begin” button. Once you’ve reached your destination, it’ll automatically stop the navigation.

The method of using other map apps is similar to Google Maps. If not your phone or another mobile device, you can use the map application present in your car (most vehicles come with GPS these days) to navigate to the closest grocery store.

You can also use online maps through virtual assistants (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant). Voice your question (Siri, where is the closest grocery store?), and they’ll respond with a list of stores. You can choose one through another voice command, and the virtual assistant will direct you there through traffic-attuned driving or walking institutions.

Method 2: Using the store’s website/social media pages/app

Retail businesses understand that not having a website, app, and social media presence in this day and age means not existing at all in the eyes of their customers. These online assets contain as much information about the business as possible to inform and attract customers.

So, you can easily navigate to the closest grocery store address by looking at the website, app, or social media accounts. These are the steps you need to take for it:

  1. On your preferred internet-connected device, go to Google.com and enter the term “grocery store near me” or some variation of it in the search bar.
  • Once you hit Enter, you’ll be shown a list of results that includes the name of the stores near you. The top results will also be shown on a map containing the address right below the name.
  • If you don’t see the address outright, click on a result and enter that store’s website. Go to the Contact Us page or scroll to the bottom of the page you’re on. You’ll find the address mentioned there.
  • Alternatively, if you know the grocery store’s website, then simply enter the same in your browser’s address bar and open the website. If it’s a large company like Best Buy, it’ll also have its app that can show you their nearest outlet, replete with address and pinned location on a virtual map in some cases. Some small businesses may also have their apps as they can hire app developers in India or elsewhere to create them for low prices.
  • You can also search social media platforms to locate the closest grocery store. The store’s account page will pop up, and you’re likely to find the addresses of various branches listed there somewhere. However, this isn’t always reliable and doing a Google search is the best shot you’ve got.

Method 3: Using a directory app/phone

Before the days of internet search, people used a phone directory to find the phone number of a place to call and enquire about something.

Nowadays, that has become a service with an app and other online assets. You can contact this service via a call to a number or through their app to enquire about the closest grocery store’s details.

You can install the app just like any other and search the store on it similar to a Google search. Alternatively, you will find a phone number you can call to speak to an agent and get the details via text and email. The app may even contain the option to call within it.

If you obtain the number of a few stores nearby via some other means, you can contact them directly and note the address and other details.

Method 4: Reading boards/asking someone

Last but not least, there’s always the good old-fashioned way of asking someone about the closest grocery stores and the way to get there. If you’re driving on a highway in a remote place, you’re likely to notice sign boards showing the distance and direction to a grocery/convenience/gas station store. You can ask passers-by about it if you want the exact address.

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In Conclusion

Online shopping has its advantages, but it cannot substitute everything that a physical store has to offer. And it’s easier than ever to reach a closest grocery store that can cater to your needs quickly because of technology. You can even know traffic details along the route and the items’ prices beforehand, helping you choose the best option available. It will help you save on effort and money.

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