How Does Wattage Affect Your Vape?

Wattage is one of the key factors that might alter how your vape feels and functions. What exactly is it, and how does it impact your vape? Let’s examine how altering your device’s power can affect how it behaves. You will learn how your vape tugboat super 12000 puffs and elf bar dubai effect wattage in this site.

What does wattage mean?

Wattage is simply the amount of power your e-cig produces. If your kit has adjustable settings, you may alter the amount of power your battery supplies to your coil, which will alter the amount of vapour that is created. If your device lacks wattage controls, it will often adjust wattage dependent on the coil you insert.

Wattage vs voltage

Because they remain constant across all devices, regardless of the coil you’re using, watts are the preferred unit of measurement when discussing power settings. Check out this helpful Ohm’s Law calculator if you want to know the precise output of your kit when utilizing voltage.

How does wattage affect your vape?

What effect does wattage have on your elf bar dubai vape now that you understand what it is? Well, playing around with your device’s power settings can have a variety of effects; let’s see what occurs.


Your vapor will be warmer the higher the wattage. This occurs as a result of the coils receiving more electricity, which in turn causes it to heat up more. Choose a kit with power if you like a stylish tugboat super 12000 puffs vape.

Throat hit

Greater cloud size results from increased power, which increases the amount of nicotine vaporized. For people who use freebase liquids and prefer a stronger throat punch, this is fantastic. This is less of an issue if you use juice or nic salts that are modest in strength.


More flavor will come from your e-liquid if you increase the wattage of your vape, but this isn’t necessarily the intended result. For instance, menthols seem to taste better at lower wattages, whilst sweet and dessert tastes taste better at higher wattages.

Coil life

If you’re going to be using your e-cig with a low wattage, make sure that your coil can support that. Likewise, if you’re going to be using a high power setting. Each coil resistance has a minimum and maximum wattage that it can be used at. This is usually written on the side of the bottom of it. If you run it too low then it can cause leaking, too high and it will burn out a lot faster.

Throat Hit Sensation: 

Some vapers love the sensation of a minor tickling or irritability in their throats, which resembles smoking traditional cigarettes. While lower wattages result in a smoother experience, higher wattages can give a harder throat punch.

Battery Life:

Your vape device’s wattage directly affects how much electricity it uses. Higher wattages quickly deplete the battery, whilst lower wattages save energy and prolong battery life. For users that vape regularly, understanding the balance between power and battery use is essential.

In conclusion, for a satisfying and secure vaping experience, it is essential to understand how wattage influences your vape. You may fine-tune vapour production, flavour strength, throat hit, and even battery life by changing the wattage setting. To establish your ideal balance, keep in mind to start low and progressively raise the wattage. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience, always examine your coil’s compatibility with the chosen wattage range as well as the compatibility of your e-liquids. You can tailor your vaping experience to exactly match your preferences with a little trial and persistence. Have fun vaping!

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