Flexible Design for Creating Additional Space Determines the Type of Campervan 

In the UK, you would usually hear people discussing campervans and motor homes in the same breath, which might give the impression that both are the same. But, on logging on to the website www.campstar.com/ , you will find only campervans for hire which are the most popular vehicles for adventure lovers who go on road trips.  

Campervans are exclusively for camping and perfect for parking at the campsites that host the campers throughout their journey. On the other hand, motorhomes are leisure vehicles that allow you to spend time on the road while soaking in the luxuries and comfort of your home.  

These are much bigger vehicles, the size of buses and trucks, and being self-contained, have a custom-made body. So, now you understand why only campervans are available for hire. 

  • Campervans are highly versatile 

Campervans, which are small motorhomes, are the most popular choice for road trips, especially on uncharted routes, because of the ease of manoeuvring the smaller vehicles.  

You can drive a campervan with the same ease as driving a car, and the smaller size allows driving on narrow roads and pass through restricted spaces comfortably. Moreover, you can use the van for convenience and make a quick trip to the nearby grocery shop, which underscores the versatility and high utility of the camping vehicle. If needed, you can use the campervan in the same way you would use your car. Again, when required, you can take advantage of the features and use it as a leisure vehicle.  

  • Types of campervans 

  Campervans with some flexible features that add more space and headroom are advantageous.  

  • Fixed roof campervan - The most basic campervan model has a fixed roof and limited amenities with almost no scope for external modification. The price is also low and suits those who want to hire a campervan on a budget. This type of campervan is suitable when you travel solo or with your partner to enjoy the fun and adventure of independent travel. 
  • Campervan with elevating roof - You may require more headroom while travelling in a campervan. You can choose a campervan with a top that can rise to a certain height. Creating some extra pop-up space is especially useful as an additional sleeping space for kids. 
  • High-top campervan – High-top campervans are available in various sizes with different layouts that suit all budgets. However, the raised height of the vehicle might be a concern when passing through some areas with height restrictions. However, high-top cars consume more fuel and might not be suitable for those on a budget. 
  • High-top campervan with elevating roof – This campervan combines the high top and promoting roof type, which is the most spacious among all campervans. 

Since campervans are meant for camping, the sizes are just appropriate to park the vehicle easily at the campsites, which are stopovers between the destinations. At the grounds, you will find only campervans that testify to the vehicle’s ability to support the needs of adventure-loving travellers who do not mind making small compromises with luxury and comfort.  

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