Dating App Scams – How To Avoid Being A Victim?

Dating App Scams

Digital dominance has been established all over the world. In this era, a lot of people around the globe use dating apps and matrimonial sites to find their romantic partners. And, you must know that many successful love stories have started from such dating apps. These dating apps have helped a lot of people to find their true love and live happily ever after.

But as well as the successes, even dating app scams are on the rise. Online dating scams which are also known as romantic frauds usually occur when someone believes that they have made a romantic connection through an online dating app or site but the person on the opposite side of the screen appears to be a fraudster using a fake profile to gain various advantages.

In such cases, scammers or fraudsters usually manipulate the other person to gain trust over time so that they can ultimately fulfill their goals. The major motive of such scammers is to gain money or steal enough personal information about that person to steal their identity and use it to their advantage.

Over a few years, dating app scams are on the rise. It was during the years of covid pandemic that made a lot of people use these online dating apps. The pandemic prevented people from meeting in person and this eventually led to people spending more time using the internet and connecting with people in the digital world. Today’s date, anyone can become a victim of online dating scams. But, often older people end up facing financial losses.

What are the things to focus on while using dating apps?

Dating apps can be fun to use but they also come with their own risks. If you are planning to use dating apps then you must know the correct strategies to avoid being a victim.

Do’s of a dating app

Always use different pictures for creating your dating profile: Whenever you plan to create a profile on a dating app, always make sure to use unique photos. Never use photos that you have used as your social media profile pictures. It is because nowadays it is extremely easy to convert a picture into a reverse image on Google and it can be easy for anyone to find you on social media. Also, make sure that you do not use any such pictures which have your work locations or home locations mentioned.

Check and verify the social media accounts of your potential date: When you talk to someone on a dating app and start liking them, make sure to check them on social media platforms before going on a date. Social media accounts uncover a lot of details about a person. You will also be able to figure out if you have any mutual friends with them on social media. Checking their social media accounts will help you to determine whether the person is genuine or is it a fake profile.

Do not think twice before blocking suspicious users: Dating apps are all about swiping right and left until you find your perfect match. Whenever you swipe right on someone who has a single picture or very limited details in their bio, it might be a fake profile. While using online dating apps you must be very careful. And you must be extra careful when talking to someone who provides very limited information about themselves. When you match with someone who appears to be suspicious then you should directly block that user.

Don’ts of a dating app

Do not link your social media profile to any dating app: Do not forget that your dating app profile and social media profile are completely different platforms and you should never merge them. Your social media accounts are likely to have a lot of information about you. Therefore, there are chances that fraudsters might use your information for their benefit. Always remember to set your privacy settings to a level that suits you the best.

Never rush to move off the dating app: Just because you end up liking someone on a dating app that does not mean that you should immediately move off the dating app. Think twice before making such a decision to switch to platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc because a lot of scammers try their best to shift to some encrypted messaging platform. They try to do this because, in such messaging platforms, their actions cannot be monitored easily.


Finding romantic partners through dating apps has become a very common affair for this generation. Dating apps have also given a lot of successful relationships. However, like everything else, even dating apps have their own good and bad sides. Whenever you feel like you are in some trouble while using online dating apps, the best thing you can do is connect with a detective agency in Gurgaon to analyse things for you in a better way.

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