10 Of The Best Things To Do In Labadee, Haiti

Labadee, Haiti

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Labadee is a port on Haiti’s northern coast that Royal Caribbean has leased until 2050. This tropical paradise is the preferred beach for cruise ships that visit Haiti regularly.

One of the best places to visit in Haiti, the Labadee beach is a mile long, with soft, silky sand and crystal-clear blue waters. Labadee is on the same coast as the beautiful Cormier beach but has distinct attractions catering to cruise ship passengers.

Ready for an adventure? Here are ten of the best things to do in Labadee: 

1. Take a Ride on Dragon’s Breath Flight Line 

The Dragon’s Breath Flight Line spans 2,600 feet over a turquoise ocean, a beach, and trees in Haiti. The thrilling ride provides breath taking views of Labadee, a private resort leased by Royal Caribbean Cruises. Tourists soar through the air on the thrilling 50mph descent on the world’s longest zip line over water – 500ft above the Caribbean coast as sunbathers relax on loungers below.

Without taking a trip on the world’s longest zip line over water, your tours and activities in Labadee, Haiti, are incomplete. Riders can descend this half-mile zip line at up to fifty kilometers per hour while standing more than 500 feet above sea level. When you scream your way down this iconic attraction, be sure to keep an eye out and have that camera recording. 

2. Kayak Tours 

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While seeing the island up close is fantastic, one of the best views in the Caribbean is from the water. You can see the entire island from a kayak, including the mountains and beaches. A kayaking adventure allows you to ride along the waters and see the island from the coast while paddling leisurely.

As you wade through the waters with knowledgeable guides, you will learn about the rich history of the Haitian people and see locations where historical events occurred. 

3. Go Shopping

Labadee has a large area where guests can shop for products made in the Caribbean and souvenirs. The Artisan’s Market is housed in a large building reminiscent of a West Indian warehouse in the resort’s Town Square area (right).

The main street of the Artisan’s Village is a long, sloping sand road with erratically spaced wooden stalls on either side. The shopfronts occasionally overflow with merchandise, including clothing, carved wood objects, paintings, plaques, caps, fans, jewelry and accessories, purses, boxes, trinkets, and musical instruments. Here, haggling is encouraged.

4. Explore the Beaches 

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Labadee is more than just adventure sports. If that’s not your thing, there are five beaches with sugar-white sand and crystal-clear water. Choosing which of Labadee’s five beaches you wish to visit before disembarking from the ship is a good idea. There may be a few excellent options, depending on whether you want to be close to the vessel, the prettiest water, or the most incredible views.

The option is straightforward if you are a suite guest: Barefoot Beach. Anybody who owns a suite accommodation on the ship should travel to this beach, which is solely accessible to suites. Families frequently choose Columbus Cove or Adrenaline Beach for the views and vast sea. 

5. Dragon’s Tail Coaster

Are you ready for a thrilling ride? This thrilling alpine coaster ride will send you soaring down the mountainside. Like many other attractions on the island, this roller coaster has a dragon theme, and the ride will transport you to the Middle Ages. The twists and turns of this coaster will whip you back and forth as if you were holding on to the back of a moving dragon’s tail. You’ll see the forest and the ocean on a trip along the mountainside.

6. Beach Bungalow Rental 

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After a swim, dry off in your cabana on Labadee. Many cabana rental options exist, including those over water and those surrounded by lush vegetation and beach bungalows.

A cabana rental can be practical for families or groups due to its ease and excellent amenities.

Make a reservation for a cabana if you desire one. Rentals for cabanas sell out almost usually months or weeks before a cruise because of how quickly they are booked. The best option is to visit the Royal Caribbean website and make a reservation so your family will have one when you arrive.

7. Visit the Arawak Aqua Park

Are you looking for fun activities in Labadee that kids can also enjoy? The Arawak Aqua Park near Columbus Beach has inflatable parks at almost all Caribbean beach resorts and cruise stopovers. They remain entertaining despite this. These hour-long inflatable water parks are great fun for adults and children since they mix the unique elements of a bounce house, Water Park, and a day at the beach.

8. Explore the Island 

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Walking around the resort, you’ll likely discover something new and come home with even more great photos. We recommend disembarking as soon as the ship docks so you can be among the first cruisers on the island. You can navigate the area using a map in about 60-90 minutes, depending on your pace.

Interesting places on the resort include Buccaneer Bay, open-air buffet-style restaurants, beaches, and more.

9. Jet Ski

Using your watercraft, navigate the Labadee waterways. Put your jet in gear and go along the coastline on this exhilarating trip to feel the rush of a high-speed guided ride. All you need is an eagerness to learn and a desire to pay attention to your knowledgeable tutors. After that, take off and let the natural beauty of Haiti free your spirit.

A wave jet tour is one of the best ways to experience the fun and excitement of a personal watercraft without having to drive. Your expert guide will accelerate and take you out into the waters surrounding the port.

10. Deep Sea Fishing

Did you know that you can go fishing in Labadee? Royal Caribbean offers a three-hour fishing trip off the coast of Labadee, during which guests board a 25.5-foot boat to attempt to locate and reel in large fish such as marlin, tuna, wahoo, and mahi mahi.

Using professional rods and reels, you will fish for Wahoo, Marlin, Tuna, and Mahi Mahi in the Atlantic Ocean. Captains share their years of sport fishing experience and help you reel in the big ones, so no experience is required. You get to enjoy the sunshine, sea spray, ice-cold beer, soft drinks, water, and a breath taking view of Haiti’s mountains and coastline.

In Conclusion

Top adventure attractions in Labadee include coastal tours, water parks, kayaking, snorkeling, and the Dragon’s Breath, the world’s longest over-water zip-line. From exploring Amiga Island and Paradise Cove getaway to immersing yourself in the history and culture of Labadee on a walking tour of the island, Labadee is a gorgeous tropical delight worth visiting, whether on a cruise ship or as part of an independent Haitian adventure.

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